Best fighting games for the dream cast

I got a dreamcast a while ago and I was wondering what are some of the best fighting games for it so I know what to look for. I really like fighting games and I like to collect them.

Right now I have Marvel vs. Capcom and Soul Calibur



Garou, KOF99, Third Strike, CVS2. Don’t hesisitate, get them all.

marvel 2 and cvs2

do yourself a favor and google tdc v2

Dont forget Project Justice, is only available on DC anyway.

CvS2, sf3, ggx and project justice

Not really sure how to define this game, maybe like a Smash Bros type of fighting game… more arcade like beat em up? Iunno really, but you should check out Power Stone 1/2. Really fun stuff, and pretty addicting multiplayer. Oh and Last Blade 2 is fun :slight_smile: