Best fighting games on PSP?

Just found my PSP having dug up my storage room… been maybe 2 years since I even seen it haha…

So now I want to get some fighting games for it… I saw 2 different Guilty Gears and Darkstalker Chronicles and SFA3 max… but wasn’t sure which of the GG series is the better to get… or if DS was even worth getting.

Any opinions on these games and what’s the best fighting games out there for the PSP?

CPS1 & 2 emulation and Neo Geo is quite good on the PSP

Accent Core Plus for psp is pretty smooth. Judgement has a weird mode to it. It’s fun til you remember why you bought a Guilty Gear game. Darkstalker Chronicles is always fun. And Street Fighter is always Street Fighter. You can’t really go wrong with any of them.

Accent Core+ and Tekken 5 DR depending on your taste.

Yeah, Accent Core + is where it’s at.

There’re other decent PSP fighters too. SF Alpha Max is pretty good.

But if your PSP is still hackable, and you don’t care about the PSP store and all that stuff, hacking MAME onto that is the way to go.

Found DS Chronicles/SFA3Max/T5dr and GGAC all at one gamestop location… so I’ma go pick em’ up today…

Thanks for the opinions. XD

I keep turning off/suspending my PSP while trying to do some special moves with SFA3 though.

Those are all good. SFA3 Max followed by DS Chronicles are my favorites. If you want something a little different than check out Power Stone. The Dreamcast version is a little better but the PSP version is cool and gives you 1 and 2 in the same game.

If you have a PS3, via the Playstation Store Capcom is making a lot of their games downloadable. SFA3 Maxx and DS are among the titles. Even if you don’t you can go into the store via your PSP and download old PS1 games like Dino Crisis. Sometime soon anyway, that’s not up and running yet.

Fate/Unlimited Codes next month!

DS chronicles for sure. That’s the only FG on the psp that will keep me playing it in spite of horrible dpad.

Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable and SundayxMagazine. you may also try Spectral vs Generation as well.

Yeah a PSP Slim is almost mandatory for fighting games. My old PSP worked fine for a while but then the buttons gave out, so I sold it and put the money I got towards a Slim. You should either pick up a PSP Slim or mod your PSP.

SundayxMagazine is alright. I’m not sure it’s something I’d recommend if your not familiar with any of the manga / anime characters in there. It’s good to mess around with and stuff.

I’ll also vouch for DarkStalkers on the PSP. Great game, despite the dpad.

Not sure if it’s perfect yet but you could use a PSX-ISO of Capcom vs SNK pro and use Popsloader