Best Fightpad For PS4?


hey fighters!!!

I just wanted to ask a quick question i recently got rid of my hori rap 4 kai stick because it is not for me i tried playing it for about 3 months while it is more fun i agree but i just play alot better on a controller.
And i guess i have carpel tunnel because after an hour on stick it just hurts on pad it does not…

So i decided to buy a good fightpad since the ps4 dpad is not good enough for me and i need 6 buttons on front so im wondering what is the best ps4 fightpad out at the moment and most durable?

I was looking at the hori fighting commander
and or maybe the new improved madcatz fightpad pro?

I mainly just want a good dpad and durable so it doesnt break on me


Hey, just thought I’d give you my two cents on the pad I’ve been using lately. A bit about me: though I’m trying to slowly learn stick, I’ve always been and remain primarily a pad player, despite the fact that my left thumb gets annihilated after sessions of any length. I’ve spent years playing on the various iterations of the Dual Shock until recently when I decided to give a fightpad a try.

Anyway, I got the LE Blazblue CF version of the Hori Fighting Commander (it’s the one without the tilting D-pad). Gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with how it feels and handles, and I definitely prefer using it over the DS4. The D-pad is great, and I find it helps me keep my inputs more precise. Also, once I adjusted to the extra face buttons, I would have a hard time going back to having any of my normals mapped to the shoulders.

The controller does feel kind of light and hollow compared to the DS4, but nonetheless seems sturdily constructed. One caveat, I’ve only been using this controller for a couple months now, so I feel I can’t really comment on how well it will hold up to normal wear and tear. I know you expressed that durability is a concern of yours, and reports I’ve heard from other users vary in that regard, though most agree that it is more reliable than the version of the FC that has the tiltable D-pad. That being said, I like this FC so much that unless it dies within the new few months of use, I’ll probably replace it with another when the time comes.

If you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask me.


yeah ive been looking at the same fc i think is it the black one that kinda has a genesis controller shape to it?

this is the one i just bought i hope its the one you have it sounds exactly what im looking for.


I just use the DS4 because it works well enough and is easy to replace.
I looked into getting a Hori Fighting Commander, but it seems like the d-pad on that thing wears out very quickly.


No such thing, if you want something that will last, have someone build you a Saturn to PS4 adapter.

I have the same Hori, it does the job, it’s better than the Mad Catz, but it still feels cheap.


With brooks’ PS4 adapters don’t limit yourself to native ps4 fight pads either. I use their psx-to-ps4 adapter for my PS1 digital, DS2, 15th Anniversary Fight Pads on PS4.


I use the PS2 Sega Saturn Pad with the same adapter. :tup:


Definitely the best unmodified PS4 pad option, those genuine Sega pads are expensive!


i just cant get into sticks i give it like a month of daily heavy use and i still played better on pad than i ever did on stick is it possible that stick just isnt for me?


It depends on what you’re having difficulty with. Are you having trouble with the directional motions, or the button pressing?
My perspective has always been that those two things are separate.

D-pad vs joystick: This part I’ve always felt is subjective. Some people can move a character better/faster with their thumb on a D-pad, others are better with a stick. That being said, my experience has always been that motions (QCF, HCF, 360, DP) are easier on a stick, whereas tapping motions (mostly like MK’s F-F-HP, or Fatality motions) are easier on a D-pad.

Pad-buttons vs stick-buttons: I’ve always felt this part is a no-brainer. With a controller, you have generally 3 fingers (left index, right index, right thumb) to cover 8 buttons, and there’s always the really awkward combinations (Square+Circle, or Triangle+X). With the 8 buttons on a stick-top, you have anywhere up to 5 fingers from your right hand to press any combination of the 8 buttons. Piano motions and pressing buttons within 1 frame of each other is also generally more intuitive on a stick.


You should try a Hitbox. Once you wrap your head around down is up and up is down… it’s smooth sailinig. I’ve never had so much playing fighting games since I got mine 3 weeks ago. But the Hori Fighting Commander is a really good pad. The Dpad is going to break eventually on any fight pad especially if you’re a heavy fighting game player. It’s just the nature of the beast. Good luck!


Yeah, that’s the one I have. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Like others have said, it’s eventually going to break, but, depending on how often you play, hopefully it’ll last long enough that replacing it someday won’t seem like too much of a hassle. That’s my hope for myself, at least. I know it’s going to take a very long time, if ever, to get to where I want to be on my stick, so in the interim, this pad is proving a nice alternative.


pretty much this.

IF have to use pad then you can’t go wrong with hori.

you can also invest into converters to widen your option


Agree on the giving a Hitbox style controller a go and agree on the Hori Fighting Commander (HFC) being the best fightpad option for PS4. Having used both (currently using Hitbox) I don’t think either one is a bad choice. I would also say that IMO any post-PS2 era controller pales badly in comparison to PS2 and earlier controllers from a durability perspective. This seems to go for both first and third party controllers.


Does this PS2 Sega Saturn Pad with Brooks PSX-to-PS4 adapter work seamlessly for SF5? I have a USB Sega Saturn pad that didn’t work with the Brooks PS3-to PS4 adapter, even though the controller itself worked just great for SF4 on PS3. I’d love to find a way to use this Saturn pad on PS4 SF5 since neither the improved Mad Catz Fightpad Pro nor the Hori Fighting Commander appear to be as good.


Yes, but please be warned the PS2 Sega Saturn pads are very expensive now. I got my PS2 Saturn pad back when the PS2 was still relevant and the PS2 Saturn pads were new. At that time the Pad was like $45 dollars.
its like $120 or more now.


Has anyone tried pulling a converterception with a regular Saturn pad? Like SS to PS2 and plug that with a Brook PS2 to PS4?


I haven’t.

Keep in mind with the more converters chained together the more the chance the the combination will start to lag.


Original gamepad


Mine starting to not register inputs on the dpad… it’s sucks cuz it’s a good controller for the first three months…

Madcatz just updated there fightpad recently (improved the dpad) so imma try that.