Best followup to EX



HCF+HK [I’ll refer to it as SteppingSideKick since I don’t know its proper name and thats what the kick is called in real life]:

I’ve recently discovered this move has an EX version that does a nice wall bounce. Whats the best follow up to it? I’ve been able to do kick, punch, haduken, EX-haduken, and dragon punch … haven’t quite got the ex dragon punch to land nor SA-I. What should I be trying to land after doing an EX-SteppingSideKick


Generally, a fierce shoryuken is a good idea. You can also do some funky things with it in the corner.

I highly suggest downloading mopreme’s “Total Ryu” vid. It’s quite excellent and has almost anything you would want to know about Ryu, including EX Step Kick options.

I’m pretty sure you can get it from #gamecombos, but ask mopreme if it’s still being hosted somewhere.


best thing to do is a roundhouse Tatsumakisennpukyaku.


Do you just wanna finish the combo? Or do you wanna reset to set your opponent up? If you want setups? There’s more than the number of fingers I have… so just load up training mode (assuming you have the DC version)

I think this was discussed in the other Ryu thread…


I usually finish it with an EX shoryuken or EX tatsumaki senpukyaku

sometimes I just use a jumping hard punch or standing hard punch if my meter is low.


i’m not a ryu player, but it seems to me that doing an ex move after the ex sidekick is a waste. kinda.

sure, it’s a guaranteed way of using your super meter, but i don’t think the damage is that much different compared with a normal shoryuken or tatsumaki.


it’s called joudan-geri ( there is a translation for it ) let me check in gamefaqs .



options are

rh hurricane
fierce uppercut

towards+strong(1 hit), then super fireball juggle (parry or die, if they start parrying then you can do (ex)hurricane, ex fb, etc to get them to take big reset damage

in the corner, you can do ex hurricane, then super fireball, then short stepkick and i think it all juggles.


try this

universal overhead


in order for any super to connect after the universal overhead, you either have to be far away or start it early when they’re getting up so that it doesn’t hit until late, otherwise they’ll recover and block.

What I like to do after the ex sidekick is a jumping ex tornado. It’s hard to time, but if you’re more towards your own side of the screen, you can kick em and they’ll be up in the air for a while, so jump after them and do the ex tornado and with practice, it’ll connect with all the hits, totalling as much as 9, but usually getting 6-8 (this is assuming a jump-in and an HP before the joudan-geri). All in all, does about a third of their life, and it does pretty damn good stun damage, almost half or more depending on the character.


Big reset damage?? :lol: :lol: :lol:
Super damage after a reset is always worse than normal.


I only do three things after an EX Joudan.

  1. a standing Roundhouse if they’re too far away
  2. a Fierce Shoryuken
  3. if near the corner, Jab (reset), Shinkuu Hadouken

And yes, I’m with Prism and saying that it’s a waste of meter to do another EX move after the bouncing kick.


I just walk backwards a little bit and do a roundhouse sidekick


Resetting the opponent and then going into a super is almost always just a waste. As StreakSRM mentioned, damage is lessened. Only time i reset and then super is when using Dudley’s Rocket Uppercut. But then again, i only do this when they’re almost stunned.

With Ryu, just stick to HP Shoryuken, HK Tatsumaki or Shinkuu Hadouken (without the reset). If they’re too far, just walk/dash then HP Shoryuken. If you absolutely feel that you must reset them somewhat, dash under your opponent after EX Joudan then hit them with standing/crouching HP then proceed to whatever mindgame you wanna play, i.e., after the HP, you can dash -> throw or dash -> low LKx2 -> Shinkuu (if you have meter) or dash -> close standing MK link into Shinkuu, etc…


Japanese ALWAYS use Roundhouse Hurricane in this situation because it does the most damage for a regular special move, It also builds precious bar and does one more thing some of you may not have thought of. Puts you right next to you enemy right when they get up. Every time I’ve seen them do the Joudan They did that. Makes sence to me. They really don’t ever waste meter. Believe it or not but they never cancel into the Rocketupper either. They will settle for just a couple hits like dash uppercut, sweep, or something that builds meter. Of course you guys know that the more hits before the super the less it’s gonna do, the Japanese are very consious of this rule and live by it’s consequences. If they get a sweep they don’t go jab machine gun then dash upper xx rocket upper or cork screw, juggle in corner or what have you. It’s gonna take like 1.5 meters. Sure your gonna take like 50% and great stun but it’s just a waste. You could use a standing roundhouse after a low parry and go into ex machine gun dash upper for really big damage while building meter.


At point blank distance, you can mk,exjouri,extatsumuki,shinhadoken,qcf lp, fierce shoryuken…

The Ex hurricane kick catches the opponent and sends him back into the corner, it has odd properties, but make sure your at point blank distance…

Ive also been expermenting with one more sidekick… Im not sure how the damage compares with reguluar hurricane kick, but im guessing it’s worth it even though it burns up quite a bit of meter.



Ryu’s usually strongest combo is air fierce punch, fierce punch, EX-JSG, EX tatsumaki, then shoryuken. Shoryuken doesn’t work with all players, so you can use shinkuu-hadou-ken instead. This in average takes out like half/almost half an opponent’s life bar. (77 damage? depending on player)

This is important, since you need a lot of combinations in ryu’s arsenal to connect to the opponent, and this is just one of many ryu’s fairly strong combos.

Another combo is forward fierce punch, followed by a weak/medium shoryuken + shinkuu hadouken, then another shinkuu hadouken and a hadouken.

Although it is easy to link forward fierce punch with an ex shoryuken or a shin shoryuken, the timing with a normal shoryuken is rather strict, and it probably doesn’t work on other characters. I should investigate more on these kind of links, they are fairly useful imo.

Resetting a player and following into a super after an EX-JSG is not a good idea in the corner, let alone in the center. On the bright side, the combined damage of an EX-JSG combo and a properly done reset combo are one of the highest, though. One example is resetting a player with a close jab, shinkuu hadouken, a second EX-JSG, and a shoryuken. This can be done normally in the corner, since ryu’s shoryuken goes to the other side, hitting the opponent, even if you do the shoryuken the other way (i.e. if you do it right, down, right, it will do the shoryuken as it you did it the other way)

A way to make things a lot easier is to just do a shoryuken after the EX-JSG, but doing an EX tatsumaki afterwards followed by a shoryuken works with enough people to be done practically. The combo has a very high amount of damage, and the extra tasumaki + shoryuken adds an extra amount of stun.

Air resets may be known to a lot of people, but this is an interesting strategy to follow: If your opponent is jumping and you can walk under them, jab them with the STRAIGHT jab, and then do a shinkuu hadouken. Unless people have a fairly quick eye, this is kind of hard to notice. The shinkuu hadouken will hit the player on the ground, and the initial reaction will be to parry the shinkuu hadouken mid-air, the result being the player eats the shinkuu hadouken. The close jab is a good way to make a safe counterattack to people jumping into you. Let’s say ken jumps in without kicking or anything, you jab ken, and even if it parries, you can still block or grab. This scenario but with a high kick involved could result in ken comboing you with whatever special move he chose. In a situation where ken doesn’t parry at all, this could make way for a reset followed by a shinshoryuken (dash forward + shin shoryuken) or one-two shinkuu hadoukens, if the opponent is low enough to have the two bars dissappear be worthwhile.


Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t up at the moment to aid my findings with frame data, but I believe you can only connect a normal shoryuken after the toward+fierce on crouching opponents or standing opponents who have just entered stun.

One problem I see with his combos involving the fierce into ex sidekick are the fact that some of them require you to be a specific distance from the corner (all but the simple ones, that is). Furthermore, times that you will land these combos are either after a successful jump-in or a successful close parry, which you can’t rely on or expect to happen during a match.

I personally like to not reset and super after the ex sidekick because although the damage isn’t miniscule, it’s reduced significantly, and I prefer to save the huge meter for other combos or opportunities such as low forward -> ex fireball or short, short -> super.

Interesting note: When completely in the corner, a fierce into ex sidekick can’t be followed by a shoryuken with the normal motion. You tap towards them before they cross over you, then tap down and down and to the opposite direction before pressing the punch button. If you wait for them to cross over before even starting the motion, it’s unlikely you’ll hit them before they hit the ground.


A forward fierce can work on some people in normal cirmumstances…

When you’re completely in the corner, if you do a shoryuken ryu will hit the opponent. This may not happen if you do it WAY too fast or too slow, but with normal timing it’ll hit on any opponent.

Ryu’s best asset is it’s high damage combinations that can be followed up after any parry. (low, high, air) Some people that aren’t capable of this are chun-li, hugo, etc, which can’t make any decent combos without their SA bar full.

IMO, ryu is only limited to how limited the player’s skill is, ryu is balanced enough to do just about anything on most circumstances. (although I can’t say much about things like Urien unblockables, I have heard of them a lot and haven’t had much people using them, the players here where i live must suck ) :confused:

No matter how complicated a combo may be, it has its good moments to use… If you save one shinkuu hadouken to try and use it after the opponent stands up it may not work if he blocks you, counterattacks etc. If the opponent has low health I would freely use any technique that will continue the combo, even air resets after an EX-JSG.

I would rather use shin shoryuken on faster opponents, such as yun or yang, since I can counter attack a lot more easily with that, and shin shoryuken usually implies losing more than half your life with yun/yang with one opening. The rest would be footwork to keep the opponent from moving too much.


You can actually do the motion towards the corner, but then press the punch after they cross over you and you’ll get the shoryuken the opposite direction too. Oh and Karathrow is back up. :smiley: