Best free antivirus software?

What are the best free antivirus, spyware, etc. cleaners? My computer just got hit hard with some viruses and I need to recover quickly.

google trend micro online scan, and pick the free one. Also, AVG free is very very good. I also use Ad-Aware. All of those are free and they should help

For spyware use SUPERantispyware. It was good for me back when i was using PCs…mac!!

MS Security Essentials.



AVG is amazing

AVG is garbage and misses tons of older graywares & trojans. avast is where its at or trend micro if you don’t want to install anything

also check out malwarebytes for adwares, grayware, malware and the likes

Microsoft Security Essentials

AVG and avast are both good but you will have to uninstall reinstall every month

I used to have norton shudders, I convinced my family to stop renewing that garbage they con you into buying at staples, and they got AVG, so did I. AVG was okay, but some things still got through it, and it needed to update fairly often, and was a bit of a nuisance. I now use Microsoft Security Essentials and I swear by it. Nothing has gotten through it, it runs very discreetly, one of my favorite things too, is how easily I can scan individual files. If I think a certain file I’ve downloaded might be a trojan, I can just right click and scan it with MSE, it’s great. Nothing has gotten through MSE yet for me, and I’ve been using it for about a year.

So yeah, my vote for MSE.

FreeBSD, linux.

Oh, you’re running Windows! Microsoft Security Essentials, for sure.

Throw in another vote for Microsoft Security Essentials. Such a great piece of software. I love how MS kicked ripoff artists like Norton/McAfee and the like right in the nuts with it.

ask a military buddy to hook you up with symantec or mcafee.

you register one time a year by putting in your email and it stays good for the year

free home version ftw

avast is another good one.

I would say the best free cleaner is c cleaner from they also have other programs like a disk De-fragmenter that does actually work a little better than the windows one, they have a couple of other useful programs but if anything get c cleaner it cleans a couple hundred MB of junk on the first scan and the program takes up little if any memory at all on your computer so its good for even net-books. For anti-virus, you could always try “Google” because just getting a free trial doesn’t always work very well.