Best game for learning/practicing footsies


I’m a SF4 player who’s played some BBCS, GGX2, 3S and ST. Kind of want to switch to another game that will solidify my fundamentals before Ultra, wondering what everyone thinks would be the best game to go to.

Thanks for the input.


Easiest thing is just to practice footsies in the game you want to learn footsies in. There may be something to be gained from playing multiple games but you can spend that time just as effectively learning the normals in your preferred game. Good ground game is just as much about knowledge of specific normals and how to punish them as it is a general skillset.

That being said, if you want to play other games where ground game is a prominent part of how the game is played, 3s and cvs2 both fit the bill.


Thanks, was definitely thinking of 3S in the top spot. I just don’t want to get too used to AE normals etc before ultra. Maybe I’m being stupid, I don’t know.


lets add Battle Fantasia, Aqua pazza, MK2, Super Smash Bros, SFxT, Choas Code in their. If adventurous and willingly to mess with imports than we can add Dark awake, Shin Kohime musou.

All 3d fighter will make you respect footise.

If can play on pc than Melty Blood actress again current codes, Ougon cross, Akastuki Blitzkampf, Yatagarasu.


I don’t wanna say you’re being stupid, but this reasoning makes no sense


Breakers Revenge


Well I’ve been playing SF4 since it launched, but in the last year I’ve been getting serious. When ST and 3S was out I wasn’t serious, hadn’t switched to stick, didn’t know what the word footsies meant, etc.

With changed hitboxes, safety, cancels, etc. I’m in the mood to switch to a new game, then approach Ultra like it’s a new game (not an upgrade) once it drops. I missed out playing all of the classics, so now that I have a newfound appreciation for what the fundamentals are I’d like to see how it felt without these fandangled FADCs and unblockables.

There’s no question OG’s play the game differently, I’m trying to experience some of that.


if you play SF4, play SF4 to get better at SF4.

'OG’s play the game differently because they already played those other games for many years BEFORE SF4. They have a tremendous amount more experience than you, period. Has very little to do with specific games.


I feel like you’ve got the impression that you’ll be getting some “back to basics” experience with 3s or ST but those games have their own unique mechanics you’ll have to learn too in place of FADC’s and unblockables


The game you want to play, or in this case SSF4AE2012.
There wouldn’t be a point of trying to learn X on Y game to use it on Z game if Y game and Z game are very different.
What you call footsies aka the spacing game is dependant of the movement options of the game plus the tools of the characters and the mechanics on the game.

Even learning how to play an effective spacing game on SF2 wouldn’t be very useful to play SF4 or any of its revisions.
Fundamentals is something that you learn by playing the game and i mean playing it a lot, but smar a lot, analising what you are doing and learning from your mistakes.


For this kind of questions use this section please or the SF4 section if is SF4 related.


I think you’re just being a reading pedant.

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I would normally say play 3s but don’t know that 3s normals really have what you need to play Ultra well. Ultra is looking like it’s going to be a lot more swinging for vines than it used to be. The best game for that is ST, or you could make a list of your characters attacks in the old game, check the changes in the new one and find ways to single out the situations that you think are you going to be the most difficult.


Play a game because you like playing that game, not to prepare for a different one.


I’ll be honest, i think that 3s would be the worse option of all due its poor implementations of parries and the priority system, something that would normally be a trade on any other game it will not be the case on the sf3 series, because of those two factors the spacing game is the most different than any other option.

also this


Playing a ground based matchup in Street Fighter 4 against an experience player who has very solid fundamentals will teach you how to play footsies in the Street Fighter 4 engine well enough. That’s not to say that playing an older FG for fun isn’t helpful at times. Playing ST/3S/whatever has helped me from stagnating in how I think about matchups and play footsies.


play hyper fighting if you wana get better at footies guile and ryu


Senor Footsies


What good would make when their walkspeed and their normals are not the same at all?


As a devout 3S player and longtime ST player, keep playing AE2012 and solidify your neutral game from there. If you know how to play AE then you should have no trouble playing ultra, its going to be 95% the same game. If you want to improve your spacing game play a character like guile or sagat or eryu.

Are you asking for the game the requires the strongest fundamentals? That is a very hard question to answer, probably impossible because each game requires different kinds of fundamentals. I mean, tekken requires very very strong ground game, but if you went off trying to learn that game you would be spending more time learning frame data, punishment, movement, throw teching, okizeme etc. and that will take a very long time. Same can be said trying to learn 3S, unless you have some prior knowledge you won’t solidifying any fundamentals as much as you will learning the game itself.


alot good ryus basics are almost exactly the same in all games