Best games to play with arcade stick, besides fighting games?


Any recommendations?


pole position


Shooters, Beatemups, Various arcade collections


Any recommendations of specific games?

Also, I was thinking platformers might work well with a stick.


If you have a stick that works on PC…

Touhou projects (all of them)


Final Fight on XBLA/PSN, castle crashers, scott pilgrim vs. the world.

anything old-school, or in the same vein as classic games.


Rock Band


Definetly Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Although it worls really well with a controller too.

Pacman it is!


This x 100

All the pros play on stick


bubble bobble, metal slug!


Zelda: A link to the Past, Super Mario World.

Just get an emulator and go wild playing random shit.


Mega Man (any of them)
Pac-Man CE and the latest one on xbla, I cant remember what its called
Super Meat Boy


Black Ops.

Be a man.


D&D: SoM
That turtles beat’em up… and the Simpsons one.
Mario can be hilarious on stick as well.

Any shmup though admittedly an LS-32 is a lot nicer for these than a JLF.


I played Chrono Trigger and FFIX with my arcade stick. You could probably play all of them with it. Somebody said shooters and I can’t imagine playing Half-Life or Halo with one of those. Arcade sticks are not good to use with any game that requires the right analog stick or the use of both the d-pad and the left analog stick.


I’ve seen old-school Super Mario Bros. in arcades before.


@Sensei Rouzu
By shooters they mean old school top down or side scrolling. What you’re referring to are FPS games.





Anything that’s from an arcade.


The new Pacman is so fun you need to dl the demo and try that shit out, its fucking gangster.

Also any schmup is great, if your on PS3 Soldner is amazing and so is hitogota happa. On 360 theres a ton of good schmups but ive been too broke to buy any and play them.