Best gate for Street Fighter?

Hello SRK, I’ve lurked here for a while but this is my first post, so I’m not expecting too much help, but I’m looking to build a stick for use mainly with Street Fighter. I am nearly completely clueless when it comes to arcade sticks, as I’ve never used one. I would greatly appreciate some information regarding how gates work, and what gate would be most effective for SF.

Also, any recommendations as far as buttons would be helpful.

I’m sure all of this has been asked before, and I tried using searching the forum for this information, but it didn’t seem to work very well for me. Sorry if it’s a bother. =/


Gates just restrict the movement of the joystick so you don’t to go all the way to activate the switch. Which gate you use for Street Fighter is purely preference.

Some recommended button brands are Happ, Sanwa, and Seimitsu

I’m sure everyone will tell you this: it’s all down to personal preference. Some will argue octagonal gates are better, and others will tell you square. I personally believe that you’ll adjust to any gate with enough practice, and after that, you’ll never want to switch to a different one.

I personally use the stock square gate with my JLF just because I hardly ever played arcade games when I was a kid, so I didn’t need to adjust (as most American arcade units use octagonal gates).

Thanks for your post, but I am informed on the popular brands of buttons/sticks. I hear that SF players generally use Sanwa buttons and sticks, but I’d like to know what gate is most used, and what particular buttons. There seem to be many options and I have no idea what to buy.

Doesn’t using a square gate make it difficult to form a qcb/qcf motion?

I’ve never really been able to play much in arcades either, but I just got my TE today which comes with a square gate. After playing with it for a couple hours, I was getting the hang of throwing fireballs and stuff like that. I think I’m going to stick with the square gate. Your best bet would be to buy both gates, since an extra one is pretty cheap, and try out both and see which one you like best.

Info is all on the stickies but heres something that should help

From personal experience, I have only used Sanwa with a square gate and I thoroughly enjoy it. QCF motions are not difficult as long as you know ahead of time you dont need to be hitting the gate. If your hitting the gate your doing it way to hard.

Sanwa buttons are also very sensitive, IMO a bit more so than Seimitsu. I don’t really have much experience with Happ though.


Completely subjective… you have to find out what you like.

Thank you, that is very helpful.

This is a one stop place where you can get more information about sticks, brands, differences etc .

Most American arcade units used Happ parts which have no restrictor gates creating a simulated circle gate.

Dude…It pure preference…you shouldve just asked in the noobie thread

I’ve noticed with an octo gate the input shortcuts don’t fuck with me as much

a square gate doesn’t make it difficult. you just have to learn not to ride the edges. if you must ride the edges of the gate to perform qcb/qcf moves, then get a circular gate.

the sqaure gate does make it easier for charge characters because you can do moves by sliding from one corner to another.

I started with a square gate and then last week switched to octo-gate and loved it so i’m keeping the octo-gate. The gate will have no effect on your skill. if your good then you’ll be good with ether gate if your bad then you’ll be bad with ether gate.

btw I play a charge char.

I am lucky enough to own 2 fight sticks, both of which I built myself from scratch. One contains a square gate the other an Octo.

To be honest, I am now used to both but I feel that the Octo is easier to get the hang of and would recommend an Octo to anyone moving from a pad to a stick for the first time.

As many people have mentioned, it is all down to personal preference. A Sanwa JLF will come will a square gate as standard and an Octo gate will only cost you 5 or 6 quid so buy one and try both. They are very very easy to swap over. That way you can decide which you prefer.

In terms of buttons - stick with Sanwa or Seimitsu they are the best and most hardwearing/ duarble and sensitive. Seimitsu ‘skeleton’ buttons are useful if you wish to incorporate your top panel artwork as they are clear

In terms of button layout on your top panel, well, that’s totally down to you. There are so many layout options such as Japense Arcade layout, American Arcade layout, Sega layout to name but a few.

Do you want 6 buttons on top or 8?, Do you want your guide and start on the top, side or back panels?, Do you want to wire up the ‘Back’ button (360 only)??, Are you comfortable with LT and RT soldering (adding resistors to a PCB)??

These are all things you will need to decide upon before the build begins.

It does take getting use to the square gates, but as Yangsen said, Square Gates are great for charge chars.

I was in the same situation like you 2 months ago. I didnt have much experience with arcade sticks at all and was trying to figure out what to use. But like everyone says you will get used to everything but Imo its best to go with the standard square gate then you will be able to play on most sticks without a problem. The square gate works great for chargers if you arent used to it but shootos requires alot more practice but will eventually work just as good.


dragon tiger gate

Please do try searching before you create a thread next time! Tech Talk is big enough and old enough that every single thing you want to know in here already has a thread about it, unless it has to do with dating or brand new hardware. :smile:

As the others have already said, gates are entirely a matter of preference, especially in the case of SF. It’s generally agreed upon that circles and octagons offer a miniscule advantage executing circular motions, whereas squares offer a miniscule advantage hitting diagonals; that’s pretty common sense just by looking at the gates. I can’t state enough how ultimately inconsequential the difference is though; you are at no disadvantage regardless of which you choose, as long as it feels good to you.

Happ joysticks (the only good American brand) use either octagons or circles, whereas Japanese joysticks (Sanwa and Seimitsu are the top brands) use squares (but a few models caaaan be changed to octagons and circles). Generally, your choice of gate is considered to be a part of, and thus less important than, your choice of actual joystick make and model. Check the stickied threads for info discussing the differences between American and Japanese sticks, as well as threads that delve further into the differences between individual models.

Same deal on buttons, and it looks like people pretty much already covered them.