Best Geese Groove?



Or at least your favorite. I prefer N because it is so good all around and IMO, Geese with small jumps and a full meter can play some pretty good mind games.


A has my vote. K is second.


My vote is A, then P.

EDIT: Nah, nevermind, K tops his P, because he doesn’t need P’s free jump-ins, and his run is great.


N Groove is good for Geese I think. It’s the most mobile and it’s good for chaining specials. IE: Deadly Rave into Raging Storm. >.< I just wish N-Groove had Air Block!


chaining specials doesen’t do much more damage so it’s a waste of a bar plus you gotta activate. K is the best and then P i believe. A groove is a little lacking cause he is slow and he has no good RC’ed moves. He can actually do more damage grooves other than A and his roll sucks.

Not for sure though.


Well yes…but only for a level 3. I guess you could RS into something then RS again if you’re lucky. But you might as well just do a level 3 RS if you have it. I’m just saying DeadlyRave into RagingStorm is a great chain if you have a max bar. And in K-Groove, you can get trapped sometimes.


I would say K-Groove is his best. Being raged increases his already awesome damage. Also, Geese has a little signature feature in K-Groove, the abillity to gain K-Groove meter using his counters. A-Groove is great if the users knows what they’re doing. P-Groove Geese seems like a waste to me, why parry when counters are in the arsenal?


Well the thing about having both parries and counters makes him all but invincible. He can counter ANY physical attack and can parry projectiles on occasions when a Double Reppuken won’t pay off. Also, parrying into Geese’s normally risky supers gives him guaranteed damage.