Best Gief in the psn? I know it's not me lol



I know it’s not me lol


most likey aquasilk but I think he switched to xbox


Most likely not Aqua silk since he gave up on Gief.


Its me :stuck_out_tongue:


really? Let’s play a few casual’s, i need a good gief to kick my ass…:stuck_out_tongue: psn id vl101


man i am okay with G.ef on Super. Not bad at all. I’ve faced a few Giefs so far and most of them are . . errr . . . crappy. I stopped playing for a while cuz my fightpad broke!!! Dunno … just stopped joining with the ps3. But i’d like to face good Giefs for reals tho . . . Please, if you are a good Gief player, add me and teach me lolz.

PSN: AznDreamer


ok u got it…I’ll add u tonight


my gief is pretty beast i’d like to believe :smiley:


i wanna see…:stuck_out_tongue: message me for a few matches, im on the psn through out everyday. psn id vl101


i’ll add you guys tonight if i can.


i’ll be on tonight around 10pm pst just shoot me an invite and we can get a few matches in


hey, I think I have played your gief in vanilla. I remember the 101 number on a good gief so I think it was you. I’ll add you if you dont mind to have some games.

I main guile.


sure, send me a request and i’ll add u


Got online for the first time in forever. lol

Good games to vl101, and thanks for showing me how rusty my Gief is. lol


ggs to tokugai enjoyed playing u. u still got some great combo excution for being rusty haha


add me

Aure i play a mean gief,thinking of switching to abel or rufus.


Grade A thread. It’s not like we already have a thread made that’s used for exchanging game tags with fellow griefs.