Best Gouken Player - videos



Top player

He has great rush down.


err…Sorry but this is not the best Gouken player by any means. Hi misses tons of opportunities for EX DP combos and doesn’t use some basic Gouken’s tools as much as he should.

Search this forum for some videos of $hogun A$$a$$in’s Gouken (DirtyBodega) to watch a much better Gouken player.


Those MirrorR videos are all online, and it’s not easy to do such combos online.
I play a vastly different gouken online and side to side in the same room


His July videos show a great improvement in skill compared to his April videos.


Cute joke topic. That video was atrocious. Sick sweeps when so close you’re touching Gief, multiple holes in your block strings, and zero punishment.


Not even close to being the best Gouken.


Im better than him.


I liked the Fei player better :sweat:


I feel insulted after watching that…


Jacob ford here in TN plays a much better gouken.


I feel honored. lol
I’m solid but honestly I feel dirty bodegas gouken is the best that I’ve seen in competitive play. He knows his matchups, what his liabilities are, and his strengths. But anywho that is all the d!ck riding that I can do in one sentence no homo. He’s ok and he maybe better in person. But these vids don’t show the best gouken player.


I thought his Gouken was pretty good.

On a second note.
I guess Nashville does have a competitive SFIV scene then. xD. I live in Nashville as well, so If one of you has Xbox Live maybe you could help my Gouken out? I think I am pretty horrible, xD.


Send me a friend invite and I’ll try and tutor u a bit.


I will when I get online later, thanks man.


that gouken wasnt even impressive… =/


I found the Fei Long player to be impressive more so than the gouken player in that video channel