Best Grip For Battop Sticks?


Hello I’m new here and i want to improve on my stick execution but i cant find the right way to hold my battop stick since i have really big fingers. Anyone know a few comfortable ways.?


There r various ways to hold a stick it just depends which one feels comfortable and gives u accurate inputs. My advice would be to go on YouTube and search fightstick tutorials


Tried there isnt anything like recent


It’s 'cause there isn’t much to add on the topic. Older vids are fine. Vids are also not that useful for a lot of people; the people who made that youtube video doesn’t have your hands.

Honestly, it’s really a matter of finding something that’s comfortable to you. Some new players really over-think stick grip. Everything is going to feel awkward at first. Just hit up training mode and practice.


Did you intentionally choose battop or it just came with your stick? If it isn’t comfortable you might try out a balltop as well, you can probably get one for under 10 bucks.


I have spare balltops i just couldnt work balltops that well so i switched to battop like i said i have big hands


There’s no right way to hold it, its all dependent on what’s comfortable for you. Just experiment with different ways and see what gives you the best execution/comfort. Just don’t full fist meatpaw the thing like you’re trying to stroke it :wink:


Don’t grip, just use ya tips


All of it just takes time and practice dude.


get a ball top. I use a bat top the same way I use a ball top. Same grip (Wine glass). It’s just what’s comfortable to you.


i hate balltop sorry


i like the method el greco posted. for ball i like the under hand style. it’s really a preference thing. agree it will be awkward at first, but it’d be just as awkward going from stick to pad probly. stick with it is my 2 cents


Some people will tell you there is a “right” way to hold the stick, but imo that isn’t true. I remember when I was learning stick I watched a few videos where people said “this is the correct way to hold it” and I tried for a little while to follow their advice but it just didn’t work for me at all. Moral of the story: you have to find your own way, just mess around with a few grips and find out which is most comfortable


Will i need some grip list or something to show me how use a BATT top not ball top


It seems like you’re really overthinking it. Just mess around in training mode and find out which grip is most comfortable for you


my thing is i have big hands and my fingers are long so its kinda hard to just use my finger tips. so i just wrap the battop with my fingers


It’s gonna take some time to gain mastery over what ever kind of top you use on a stick. But really you do have to just sit down, get comfortable and play. Expect to lose if you’re playing online, it’s a controller you’re not used to using. Eventually you won’t even care if it’s a bat top or a ball top, because when you get used to a stick, the grip doesn’t even really matter that much.

You can’t just learn of a way to hold the stick then wake up over night and being pro. It takes time.


what about the vids el greco posted…?