Best groove for Nakoruru?

What would you say is the best groove for her. My brother says A, but there is probably something better.

Well… then you should play whatever groove you like to use with her. That’s the point of playing with low tiers, I mean if you cared to win you should play better characters.

But that said, I think nakoruru is pretty good in S, K and P, because her dodge attacks are fast, and a lot of what she needs to do is knocking down. Plus she has real great shortjumps… lk and hk(fast and beats a lot of crap) A has some overhead resets… but they’re really not that great because, well, everyone blocks high or lv3 that shit when he sees you climbing up the bird for resets. Technically though, what you can do is like a wannabe doom you can move up or drop firebird, if you see them coming for you.

Her roll cancels aren’t that great imo. DP and qcd rc are difficult… but if you can do them well then more powa to ya. But I believe that her lv2/3 are crap, except for the bird super that is fast as hell(counters a wiffed normals like c.fp), but does not-so-hot damage. I don’t know the exact damage, but I guarantee you that it’s not gonna be more than 6000 counter hit, or not.

But I think she’s better with Dash than run, even after hcb+p I don’t think she can do much with run. Some obvious sj crossover, maybe. So A is OK with her, I guess. She can even link cc after close s.lp, even though I think that’s kind of a waste.

i really like her in n. i like to use her sweep into super as often as i can and n groove give’s her the option of having a lot of super on tap all the time. also, her run and low jump are beyond abusable because she is so damn fast.


Thanks for the advice guys (especially you, fatalfuryd) for all the info. I also liked how you aknowledged Nak as low tier. When my family went to san francisco for the weekend, my brother somehow managed to beat some skilled players with Nak. (My theory is that these guys probably were so used to fighting top tier chracters like A-sakura etc. they were taken by surprise when the fought his A Ken and Nakoruru) Ever since that he has been praising Nak as top tier!

she can be really annoying but that shouldn’t be interpreted as good. i’ve seen her played as both a turtle and rusher and she does fairly well in both.

I like her in P personally.

The parry makes it harder to actually get a hit in, and since Nakoruru’s attacks are fast, she can dish out a small, yet advantageous hit or two. I used her first simply because she could use her super, then build enough for Athena (my other r2) to manage.


I love using her in N, because I know that I’m going to have a full meter by the time someone can take her down. Basically, she’s good in a running or small jump groove, since those are really good things for her.

S-groove Nakoruru… Nuff said…

I don’t find her bird super to be much as far as damage is concerned. The blanket super does more but it’s so hard for me to connect it with the 2 in 1 s. feirce! I play her all rush down so I rely on mix ups more than supers. Giving her a dodge and a charge just adds to her mix up game. I like the run and low jump. She’s so fast! If you play her in S-groove, play her first. She can be damaging! If you get any opprotnuity close to death, trip c. roundhouse into bird super. You have an unlimited amount! Play safe though!

In my opinion I’ve always like her in K-groove. She’s very fast and agile so I don’t think she really needs a roll (and as someone else pointed out her RCs aren’t really the best). She makes a good rush down character in the groove but it’s still important to play smart w/ her even though she has good mixups. Her flying bird super (2 hcb+P) can be instantly bypassed if not used right. Her JD and quick transaction into moves is pretty decent too.

She can also be a good defensive character and does well in P groove (a groove which I’m really starting to enjoy using) b/c she can still pick up a lot after parrying even if it may be just a few hits.

K without even a second thought.