Best Groove/Team for Rock?

Okay, I really like Rock and want to use him, but he doesn’t suit my team very well. Lots of people say his best groove is K and I really can’t think of a better groove for him. If so, what is a good K-groove team with Rock, or if not, what is his best groove/why, and what is a good team with him in that groove?

Based on my experiences with Rock: I don’t like him in K-groove. I prefer him in P; it makes up for what he lacks – good priority pokes, and it actually gives a chance to land a combo; chances are if you’re playing against a decent player who’s using Sagat or Blanka, for example, they can zone you out pretty bad. Plus, his dash is wayyy better than his run. Teammates are not really vital in this game, unlike mvc2, but picking two top tier: Sagat, Cammy (which both are great in P-groove btw), etc can be helpful.

uh lets see… i’m bad at parrying, and i hate sagat, and i kind of like cammy but i am horrid with her. lol. sorry :frowning: any other suggestions?

I use Rock.Ken/Sagat in K. Rock is a great character, I’d say he can go with many teams. He’s an Anti-character, to me. his RH kick is a simple anti-air, his dashing elbow can kill some runs, his jumping RH kick IMO is godly, his Evac Toss and Raising Tacke can be great random moves…in that the opponent had no idea that it was coming…I’d say get another Offensive character (for me thats Ken), and a character of your choice…i switch up between iori, Sagat, Terry and Geese, also, if someone’s being cheap and using the same move over and over, Counter it. They get pissed :cool:

shinku nage isn’t random really…there are some key ways to land it. like for one, u go up close and during the first part of the block string, do it, it grabs, there their ass goes…flyin through the air, it is a MAJOR part in his offense IMO. i NEVER use the rising tackle just for the simple fact that i’m either going to jd it, or rh it out of the air.

Rock/Hibiki/Geese S or N.
These guys have the few of the most damaging (non-A)combos off deadly rave. Hibiki and Geese’s moves are also kind of similar to Rock’s.

I started playing Rock as my 2nd charecter inbetween Vega(R1) and Ken(R2), but have found it more usefull to have him as my last charecter (R2).
BTW I only ever play my team as C Groove…

ok rock can go with P-groove and C-groove more better can be team with Sagat,Geese,G.rugal, Joe, Hibiki, and King those character’s can go well with rock…:evil:

As for the best team to use Rock with in my opinion is K/N Terry Rock and Geese. K/Groove is just an obvious choice for that team( with the exception of Terry who fares better in N/Groove) But N-Groove is where the magic can happen for Rock people almost always wanna jump at Rock to fake the counter or snuff the St. RH that they know is comming. If your holding at least two stocks and play a good Rock game his nerve will break and he will try to jump at you cause he sees two UNBROKEN stocks, when he is in mid jump break one of the stocks …!! Same goes for Geese but his Stock break mid jump Raging Storm is HELLA hard to do. Good luck fellow Rock players I’ve gotta train for my rematch against Arturo on 7/24 and yes I played N-Groove Terry, Rock, Geese against him and I almost came back it was actually a goog match I had some Key counters against his Roll Cancels that evened it out a bit I hope theese opinions prove useful in your quest to master the coolest character in CvS2.

Team South Town owns up!!!

I’d actually say his best two Grooves would be P and N.

N just so you could deal with A Groove whores, I personally don’t like Run, but you’re usually only doing Level 3 supers with Rock anyway and you get an Alpha Counter.

I play him in every groove but S only cuz I don’t play S. he’s good in C cuz his jumping hk is straight evil goes through everything pretty much. level 2 raging storm cancels are damage. a groove is pretty tight especially any against dan or rolento with the shinkuu nage in there. n and k are good just cuz their good grooves and p is good cuz you shouldn’t be rolling with rock anyway. i think his dash is way better than his run too.

Yeah but his run can be stopped, his Rage Run>Dash cannot!
By the way I’m glad to see people intrested in Rock like this he has always been a personal favorite as well ass Geese and Terry.

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