Best Guile's Theme


Monday’s celebrations, meant to mark Paris Saint-Germain’s first French league title in 19 years, were cut short after violent scenes in which 32 people suffered injuries and for which 39 people were arrested. The violence also caused damage that is likely to cost hundreds of thousands of euros to repair, and French media reported that a number of tourists were targeted during the unrest.

Loved the entrance by Dhalsim at 0.39 Damn!


…Sonic Flag


Flag kick!


Go home and be a family man.


no sir this is the best guile theme


Best Guile’s theme is Strange Sunset.


I don’t think there’s any such thing as a best Guiles Theme Goes With Everything video because Guiles theme goes with everything equally well.


A winner is you.

Best song to play during an actual sunset.


In the first video 0:35 is fucking priceless.


Why is there a video thread in GD?