Best Guilty Gear game?

What is the best Guilty Gear?

What is the most played on a competitive level Guilty Gear?

hopefully they’re the same answer :sweat:

Accent Core is the one that’s still somewhat alive, and generally considered the best game. There’s a handful of high level players for AC in the country.

Some of the old school people will say Slash was the best game though.

You could have asked in the LA thread. Myself included, there’s at least 6 people who play GG at a competent level that post in there.

i’ve only played a core and plus. but, between the two i would say go with accent core.

accent core plus seems too easy.

Spirit Juice included?

Louisiana? I don’t think so.

AC and AC Plus are the same game with some console stuff added in Plus. Either is used at tournaments.

Oh sorry, I meant in general.

Eh. AC is pretty much the current standard. Slash was pretty fun though, but I prefer AC just a bit more.

Reload is the best. Or slash with reload characters is pretty much perfect


Our guys here (Stunedge, guymelef, toi_yet) like Reload the most. I’ve heard a lot of people say AC isn’t as fun but it’s the standard I guess now.

GGXX Accent Core is the way to go

gameplay wise both are the same thing

A lot of people, I think, are biased towards Reload because they can play online with it now that it’s been hacked and patched. AC is definitely the cleanest and most balanced, if you ask me. Of course, there are some characters that fall into silly routines, gimmicks and loops, but thats fighting games for you.

I run with a good crew in Queens NY and we play a ton of Accent Core. The game likely won’t get any more traction than it has now in the states until, perhaps, GG3 comes out?

AC is played the most widely, but there’s a strong following for Slash+Reload (see Mamation’s comment) called Guilty Gear Generations.

But yeah AC is awesome and the most popular.

Like others have said, Accent Core is what’s being played at tournies if not period. Rather AC is the best game or not is rather futile due to the first sentence, not that’ll stop anyone from battling it out. For me, AC is fun enough to not find it worth the effort to go through setting up my PS2 to play slash or convince others to do so.

Accent Core. Done.

I often don’t get why this game isn’t played more? Maybe cause it’s so old, but it’s really god damn deep. Taken me a long time to do with slayer & baiken what I do now.

Hopefully this’ll turn around once it’s on a current-gen console (other than wii), HD with online play. GGX3, why have you not been announced yet?

XX Slash, balance between characters were already good. with the other reiterations they slowed down most of the characters.

This game got killed by Blazblue, many were expecting BB to be the GGX3 they were waiting for and many moved on to other games when BB turned out disappointing them. And according to Arcsys we are more likely to see a new BB then a new GG game next, although you would think sooner or later they will have to make a GGX3.