Best Guy Player?

Does anybody have any footage of the top Guy players to watch? I’m struggling learning how to use the character in fights and would like to see better approaches. There isn’t really anything from 2013 on the video thread. Thank you!

mark teddy is the best guy player! keep watching wednesday night fight lol! everything else ya gotta struggle to become the best lol. space instant slides attacks or overhead while dancing around from long range that looks like your gonna ex tatsu is good. when they jump toward you slide down (cr. HK) to reverse skim their shoruken. perfect to start attacking again. running over head in ae you could combo off of hit (from a counter hit though I might be wrong) in stxt you gotta tag cancel to score. finally from mid range far mp, mk, cr.hp (cr.hp, far mp into running slide ae tactic) and slide are your option.

What exactly do you mean by instant slide?

And also does marq teddy play SFxT or just AE? I appreciate the responses btw

I don’t know if mark teddy (sorry don’t know his name right) played SFxT we should have already heard by now would we XD

instant running slide is basicaly drum or plink to make the attack come out instant from a running attack. pressing one button to active the run other finger pressing mk or hk to attack. its hard to react or impossible and safe if space. saw this in wednesday night fight XD

Do you have any footage of you playing by any chance? I’ve seen your posts around the forum and you seem super knowledgeable about the character, and it’s alot easier for me to learn when I see things rather than read it

why didn’t I buy a laptop instead of a wii u XD…and psp vita lol noooooo. actually I might catch a break and be able to record soon. just combos though since am not gonna be able to win most of my matches becuase my friend like to tier whole on me haha ;D

profound sadness

Marq Teddy is not the best Guy player at all.

That is some pretty bad info to be giving him, A full screen run slide is going to get you blown up, any high level player is going to Launcher you if they see that, Full screen Run OH is a bad idea as well, that’s asking for trouble cause if they see it coming which if they are good at reacting they will, you’re eating damage that you don’t want. Guy clearly has the ground game to compensate him, saying within range is a good start because you can do sthp launch on a whiff punish, You’ll also be able to do st mp. cr.HP launch or or runslide if you see the confirm. Don’t try to get reckless with Guy or any character in SFxT for that matter if you’re going to start throwing unsafe things out. Its not a viable option, Run OH may be -4 but thats a free punish for a lot of Supers, and if they see it coming free Lvl3 as well. You’ll want to work your way in, when you have one bar you can optimize damage with this as a tag combo, TC xx LK tatsu, plink HK tatsu (using MP). Normally this will only cause one hit, but if you tag cancel all 4 hits will transpire and you can get a jump in Tag Combo, its requires timing on both the HK tatsu and the jump in tag but it is will worth it because you can carry your opponent closer to the corner. Guy has some good normals for frame traps and good pressuring tools to help him out on his own and EX tatsu is a great reversal, you can safe tag in with LK tatsu as well. There’s a few Guy players in SFxT but no one really notable yet since we haven’t seen one really graceful offline. And online its hard to find a Guy player that plays him correctly.

You seem to have quite the knowledge of Guy, so I was wondering what resources are good for learning to play him properly?

I’m only interested in playing him in SFxT; I didn’t use him at all in SF4 and I’m pretty much done with that game at this point. I’m sure there’s a ton of info on his SF4 incarnation but I wouldn’t know what’s relevant and what isn’t for cross tekken.

watching videos of high ranked sfxt Guys on youtube doesn’t help either because all I see are bushin flip shenanigans and people getting hit by the elbow left and right.

He honestly plays close to his Alpha self. Which you can play in AE, he’s a very ground based character, he has good normals, easy tag ins for damage and for a safe way in unless you get hit with an alpha counter, He has damaging and stylish combo. Really as I listed your main goal is to poke your way in or sustain a knockdown as you would in AE and go from there, apply pressuring etc.