Best HD monitor or TV with COMPONENT Input (PS2 compatible)?

Just looking for a cheap and small HD monitor (yes yes I know, PS2 doesn’t output to HD minus a few games, but due to space, I prefer a flatter screen) to plug in my PS2 and play some old games.

I researched Component -> HDMI converters and they are almost as expensive as monitors.

Thank you.

Component input does not always mean HD… in fact, if it’s for PS2, even something that is 480p capable might be a waste. Just look for anything that has component. Your best (and cheapest) bet is to scan curbs along your neighborhood for a TV with a flat screen and silver bezel:

I disagree, 480p does have its advantages over 480i or 240p.
Also Component video does not have the interference issues from Composite video .

VGA does a decent job and it also offer HD resolutions

PS2 doesn’t have vga cable unless something new came out for it. Your best bet if you are not playing HD games is a CRT if you care about lag. If minor lag doesn’t bother you, there are plenty of cheap options on

If lag is a issue you can hop on and look at the hdtv section. I don’t know of many monitors that support component, usually VGA is used in it’s place (which is the best option for some systems for a lag-free experience like the dreamcast/xbox 360). Also if you do go the HDTV route be sure to play on game mode which will lessen lag from upscaling.

I actually have my playstation 2 hooked up to a playstation 3D display (a SONY PS branded monitior) which has component and HDMI display

Used it’s not too bad. I got mine brand new back when it was released for 200 bucks, still works fine.

I know the PS2 does not have a VGA attachment, what the PS2 does have is 15 khz RGBs video, usually outputs as Scart, JP 21 pin or BNC connectors. And there plenty of RGB Scart to VGA adapters on the market.
I personally use a XRGB 2 Plus which is on the more expensive end. Here is a short article on the topic

And for systems that can produce 15 khz RGBs there is a whole classification of old broadcast monitors (such as the Sony PVM monitor) that takes RGBs 15 Khz video just fine.

Thanks, I’m quite familiar between the difference between the two, hence why I suggested he pick up any TV with component. And having component input is no guarantee that the TV can do 480p. I’m just saying, there are not exactly a shit ton of PS2 games than can do 480p. I guess if it’s specifically for fighting games, a 480p TV might be worth it since most of them can do 480p.

There also alot of PS2 games that does not do Component video, also none of the PS1 games on the PS2 is compatible with Component.
As I quickly learned the hardway, I tried it out.