Best HDTV Now?

I’m looking to buy a new HDTV by then end of the month, so I would like to know what you guys recommend. I have a relatively small apartment, so the ideal size is about 37inches. The TV will be used primarily for gaming and watching HD-DVD or Bluray movies. My budget is $3000.

Basically, I want 1080p. I don’t need fancy speakers because I have a separate setup for that already.

Can anyone recommend anything?

correct me if i’m wrong but there is still no TV in the US with the specs you are looking for. I’m not sure about Japan if you live there. The TVs that say 1080p now simply upscale the picture to 1080p (usually 1080i to 1080p). HDCP is also getting upgraded or something so it’s better to wait if you want to watch HD movies at 1080p. You have 3K already, you just have to play the waiting game or get something to satisfy you for now and sell it when the TV you want come out.

I am personally waiting on a 1080p SED HDTV with HDCP support around 42 inches when it’s around 1.5-2K. I will be waiting for a while…:rolleyes:

There are two separate 1080p LCD’s that are 37" right now. There is a Sceptre that is only sold at Costco’s website, and a Westinghouse that you can get in a few places. Both have received extremely good reviews. They give excellent picture quality, but don’t have any other fancy add-ons (cablecard, etc).

Both are around $1700 (cheaper online)

Agreed, definitely. I think if you really want something decent now youd be better off going for one of the best 720p sets. Id wait until the big names are releasing 1080p sets personally, just for the choice and peace of mind.

Oh hell yeah! I do hope they get a release around the time that was originally stated. I read a few articles a while ago which seemed to think they might hold off until a later date, due to the manufacturing costs and how LCD screens have really gone down in price. Or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: But we can hope :wink:

Some LCD reviews

And some Plasma

I have the Panasonic TX-LXD500 from the LCD section. Have only used it really for gaming so far, its good with the 360+720p and also good with older consoles. No noticeable screen lag, ghosting or anything. Picture is real crisp and colorful with the 360. Oh I did watch one movie on it, StarWars Ep:2, picture was real nice there aswell.

I can personally recommend Westinghouse if you don’t want to wait for the bigger name brands to make 1080p sets.

I have their 32" LCD because it was the cheapest 32" LCD I could find. Of course I dug up some reviews on it first making sure it wasn?t cheaper because it sucked and not only is the picture quality excellent but it actually had a couple more add-ons then some of the more expensive LCD’s out there.

I did some research, and I’m dead set after the Sharp 37D90U which seems to fit my required specs perfectly. It’s exactly $3000, so that probably means I won’t go to Evo. On the net, it says the release date is May. Perfect!

Thanks for your help guys. Because you guys mentioned Westinghouse, I researched that, and by chance, I stumbled across the Sharp.

You should check the avsforum. Lots of info in helping you find a tv.

after a bit of research it seems that SED will only be available to High end users if that. They say it will cost around 15K for those TVs and it’s unknown if they’ll even take off and go into production. This indeed makes me very sad :sad: , but i went to best buy today and they had this very nice Sony 42 inch LCD on sale and they blacks were amazing and on par with CRT. The only problem was it’s resolution which is 720P or 1080i. If SED doesn’t come through i might just get the newer model of that TV whenever it comes out (when it views True 1080P and has the latest HDCP).

EDIT: after FURTHUR research, it seems that toshiba and cannon are just going to delay the SED panel till July 2007 (plenty of time to save up). I was worried because they were initially supposed to be release in Q4 2005/Q1 2006. I have faith in SEDs once again :wink: