BEST Headsets?


For the purposes of talking with others online while simultaneously playing, to improve gameplay, talk combos, etc., what is the best headset?

I am partial to the Ear Cup style, and would like to use it for Halo, Unreal, Gears play as well.


I’ve always been fond of Turtle Beach products. I used an X11 for several years, and earlier this year upgraded to the X12. They’re about the price of a retail game and work really well. I use them for late night gaming sessions, talking to other players and really enjoy using them when I play COD, BF and Gears.


One major issue I see with headsets is that you have to play with component cables. You can’t use HDMI.


not true at all…ive been using several different model TBs, all of which using thru HDMI


Same here. I have a mini cable running from my TV headphone jack to my turtle beach wireless module. Works great with hdmi.

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No kidding? I’ve been having a hell of a time with this. The only seem to come with red and white audio.

#7 xbox

that bad boy is all you need for your xbox to run the headset with HDMI …most headsets include some sort of optical adapter


I agree completely. I picked up one of those bad dudes (it came with an HDMI cable when I bought mine) and have had no trouble using it, on my original 360 and the slim I bought last year.


I’ve been pondering on headsets as well but i’m looking into those that are not fully usb so i can use it like normal and not just for consoles.

Just wondering, hopefully some had experiences. Has anyone used these with MS Lync?


I read some posts in another forum, not SRK, and someone said TB’s have a few features that The Trittons do not.
Anyone have any experience with Logitech headsets? They usually make great products from my use and observation.

I’m also wondering if I should go with a smaller headset for fighters, although you can use audio headphones in tournaments and they would be ear-cups as well… Hmmm…


Astro Gaming, especially if you get one of their mixamps.


For FPS gaming, a good surround sound headset is a must nowadays. Gaming headsets consist of a few categories such as True Dolby Surround(4 speakers in each earcup), Simulated Surround(stereo headset w/ surround sound mixamp), and Amplified Stereo. It just depends on how much you are willing to spend and what type of games you will be playing since the differences aren’t that huge in terms of game sound quality. Also there are wireless options but be weary of interference it may cause from other wireless devices. If you’re just gonna be playing fighting games i think a good basic stereo headset is all that’s necessary but it’s nice to have surround sound. These are some good quality headsets you can’t go wrong with:

Astro A40(simulated), Tritton AX Pro(true), Tritton AX 720(simulated), Sharkoon X-Tatic 5.1(true), Sharkoon X-Tatic SR(simulated), Turtle Beach X41/X42/XP400/XP500/PX5(wireless simulated).


Surround sound headsets are not a must for FPS gaming. A standard 2-channel headset worked for MANY years, as long as the game was able to vary volume feed to each channel (which they all do).


Not a must but preferred, is what i should’ve said.


I agree with Cynnik. I have the A40 Audio System and I love it. The Tritton Warhead looks promising if you’re gaming on 360. For Sony, I think the official PS3 headset is decent for the price.


I love my A40s and my A30s. I actually prefer my A30s since I can use them outside the house.


Thanks so much for that info man!

How about PS3? What’s the move there?


IMO, A30’s are excellent all rounders for both gaming and music.


For fighting games, should I just grab a “bluetooth” headset?
I’d like a good headset for FGs and one for FPS, but I’m not in the market for over $100 right now.

I am looking at the TB EarForce XC1 for FGs…


you can use ps3 AV Multi Out with hdmi and use one of these for left and right audio