Best hitbox layout for a Mech-KB user? What is considered optimal these days?


By that I mean on average of course, everyone is different.

I just got me an HRAP and it has plenty of space for me to decide a layout on it. I have small hands, most Asian controllers work perfectly with me.
So that said, because the buttons will be 24mm, I would totally like some input. I know there are hitbox threads, but they date back a long time and I want the up to date info.

More and more I see the hitboxes with 8-30s/4-24s. I also see a mock WASD layout trending. I am a mechanical keyboard player, however even with that I feel that the hitbox layout simply looks better. heres my conditions:

  1. I am comfortable with fast controls, as I am a PC player mostly and I like quick and minimal hand motions.
  2. I am going Sanwa because I like the response, if that is a factor. The start/select are going to be modded onto the side somewhere and out of sight.
  3. atm my configuration is WASD motion with Num 789-456 as main keys.
  4. I primarily play Mortal Kombat, Injustice, and KOF. Alhough… I am slowly getting into Street Fighter.

I’ll end it here since I dont want to burden ppl, but I am going to only have one faceplate to pregame before I order my finished one from Tek. If you have used a hitbox please let me know about how the config worked for you.