Best home port of the original Street Fighter 2s

I was going through this site, and I couldn’t find the answer to this question.

Does anyone here know of any differences that between the home ports of SF2, SF2CE, and SF2 Turbo and their arcade counterparts? Which version is the best?

I know there are visual differences in the SNES versions (smaller sprites and a few missing animations for starters), but I was curious if any gameplay issues cropped into them.

I also know there are a couple very, very slight graphical differences in the PS1 ports on SF Collections 2 (lifebar length and I think Zangief’s stage had something different), but again I have no idea if any gameplay differences exist.


Obviously the Amiga play was superior.

as far as im concerned, ST on DC is closest. And ww, ce and HF are closest on PS1(not sure about saturn version).

And honestly, while snes sounded better and had a better color pallette at times. The genesis version had more solid ports of HF and ssf2. plus the genesis 6 button pad was a godsend back then.

The Amiga, huh? At least you didn’t bring up the Master System version.

The Genesis ports are very nice, but I still prefer the SNES ports. The Genesis 6 button controller was great for the game, but I had a decent arcade style joystick for the SNES which negated that advantage. I think the biggest drawback on the Genesis was the sound.

I was also impressed on how well the Genesis and SNES ported over Super SF2.

I would say the Saturn versions are superior (Capcom Generation 5) I thought the PS1 versions were missing frames and had very long load times.

while the genesis obviously had lower quality sound, they were ported directly from the arcade, whereas, the snes version, were completely done from scratch. and were also missing MANY sound clips. Not to mention were missing moves.

gameplay, hands down, genesis. just an IMO of course

if ST and ssf2 on saturn were any indication, i wouldn’t be suprised if ww,ce,and hf were just as bad =/

I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info. I’ll have to play the Genesis versions again.

I never noticed any moves missing from the SNES version, just some missing animations, like lean-backs and flips and such. Mostly from the first SF2 game, but some in Turbo too. SF2 WW was missing a few sounds, but if I remember correctly Turbo added many of them back into the game.

Did you notice any difference in hitboxes or combos?

Blanka was almost a brand new character in the SNES version of WW.

I remember someone mentioning that Fei Long had some strange combo involving his Flame Kick that only worked on the SNES version of SSF2.

its been way too long, i dont remember specifics. One thing i hated when WW came out on snes, was guile got nerfed so bad. J.short with pretty much everyone, beat his flashkicks clean. ROFL.

I remember vague stuff like, snes ryu not having his close forward knee attack. They might have finally added it in snes ssf2. cant remember. I also remember in ssf2 on snes, if gief was cornered and he did SPD on fei, he would drop right next to him, setting up a permanent tick spd trap. I dont know if genesis had that flaw.

Genesis HF and SSF2 had every sound effect ported from arcade. Snes hf and ssf2 were missing so many sounds. Most notably in ssf2. “round x, fight!” was removed. as were balrog’s TAP numbering announcements.

just a couple things off the top of my head

genesis does what nintendon’t

Yeah, those ports were a long time ago. I had forgotten about some of those.

If I have time today I’ll play some of the Genesis and SNES ports.

Ryu’s close MK knee attack was added in the HF conversion. Pretty much all of the “lost” animations from WW were recovered by the time HF rolled around.

I will openly admit that the SNES SSF II sound effects sucked terribly. Echoing voices and Dhalsim’s horrendous death scream comes to mind. :wasted:

I played a little of the games. Like you said, it seems a lot of the missing things from WW were added back into HF. Not all, but some. Of course WW was missing a lot.

I also played a little bit of the Genesis version. The sprites seem about the same size as the SNES, as do the animations. I didn’t pay attention to exactly all the sounds it was missing, but the SNES version has more (like the Genesis version doesn’t say the country name).

Of course that’s after only about fifteen minutes of play on each, so it’s not extensive.

By the way, I was wrong about the missing voices on the map world on the Genesis version. I’m not sure what I was smoking, but I thought they were missing.

Oh well…

In case you didn’t notice, the graphics and sprite sizes for all of the 16-Bit SFII ports (that includes SNES, Genesis, PC Engine and even Game Boy Advance) are all identical, and originate from the SNES ports of WW and Turbo. As a matter of fact, “Special Champion Edition” for the Genesis WAS ported from the SNES Turbo, a job done in the last 2-3 months before the game was due to be released.

Originally, the Genesis was to receive a port of CE that, while inspired by the SNES’ SFII ports and their way of scaling down the original coin-op’s graphics, was to be a port made from the ground up for the Genesis hardware. For those of you who read and followed gaming magazines circa early-mid 1993 (especially EGM & GamePro), this “early” Genesis SFII port is most infamous for having slightly smaller sprites than even the SNES WW, and ugly black borders over the life bars that cropped even more of the screen. The latter problem was fixed in the latest revisions of this port (from around May/June 1993), one of which has long been available over the 'net as a “Street Fighter II Turbo” ROM for the Genesis, or as presented in the title screen, “SFII Turbo”. And if anyone’s played this ROM, then you’ll also notice that this canned port contains noticeably more character animation than all the other 16-Bit SFII ports (yet still not quite CPS1 quality), and instrumentation very similar to the original CPS1 coin-op (killer drums and FM-synth guitar!), along with the sped-up “near death” music missing from EVERY OTHER 16-Bit port of SFII. Oh yeah, slightly better voice samples than “Special Laryngitis Edition” as well, yet still not as good as the SNES/PCE ports.

It appears that, between the period of May/June 1993, which is the farthest this Genesis port of SFII was developed, and September/October 1993, when SCE was released, that Sega or Capcom decided to scrap the first port entirely and simply port over the recently-completed SNES port of Turbo, hence why aside from cart size, color palette, screen resolution, sound quality and a few redundant animations they look the same. Same with the earlier PC Engine port of CE, and same with the two ports of vanilla SSF2 (which were said to have bombed at retail due to overestimated demand and production on Capcom’s part, though the SNES port did sell 2 Mil worldwide). Here’s some videos comparing the earlier, CE-based Genesis SFII port, and the later “Special Champion Edition”:

Turbo (technically Champion Edition,Genesis):

Special Champion Edition (Genesis):

Turbo (SNES):

I assume that most who had the money springed for the Panasonic 3DO port of Super Turbo, released a couple of months after those redundant SSF2 ports (truth is, both 16-Bit consoles’ cart size limits were more than maxed out, as was their hardware. I imagine those shadow trails would’ve wreaked havoc in the form of slowdown and flicker on 16-Bit ports of ST, look at how the GBA port slowed down and required the life/super bars to disappear off-screen!) and never looked back.
they use to sell these at walmart

i shoulda picked one up then

i want to pick up the pce version when im in japan next month

I remember than the PC-E port was very beautiful, one of the best PC-E games graphically speaking, but got some bugs like some times the chars doesnt change his side when someone jumps around him and you cant block some moves.

I remember a port of Turbo getting canned for the Genesis, but I wasn’t aware what the reason was. That’s an interestig decision on Capcom’s part.

I take it no one has noticed any real flaws in the PS1 or Saturn versions of the games?

i never understand y does everytime a fighting game is transfered to a system y does it have issues? arent they just copying the same game? do they do changes?