Best home port of the original Street Fighter 2s

In the case of the 16 bit systems, they just didn’t have the overall power to handle everything flawlessly. Sprites had to be downsized, and limited memory caused some frames and animations to go missing.

The PS1 lacked the RAM necessary for flawless ports of the newest fighters like Alpha 3 or Marvel vs Capcom, while handling simpler ones like SF2 great and even Alpha 1 pretty well.

The Saturn handled most 2D ports great, mostly due to the extra RAM.

Since then most ports have been spot on (most). However, changing over code from one system to another isn’t always easy or flawless. It takes time and care to get it right. If the code is ported sloppily. the game will suffer. Likewise, sometimes a company tries to “fix” things in a home release that players don’t like (see Capcom vs SNK 2 EO).

If you want to see a port done right, play Alpha Anthology for the PS2

How about the 3DO version of Turbo? I Japanese friend of mine back in my college days was the one and only person who had the cash to buy a 3DO when they were $700. He bought it just so we could play Turbo without having to go to the arcade.

The only draw back was the god awful 3DO controller even though it was the 6 button one lol:

This was back in 93 I want to say and at the time I don’t think there were any other versions of Turbo on home consoles. Though obviously I could be very wrong here…and I recall it was a pretty good port of Turbo, though im sure not many were playing it at the time because of the 3DO’s price tag.

The (then-exclusive) 3DO port of Super Turbo blew away all previous SF2 ports back in ‘94, and was rated highly by magazines such as EGM and GameFan. IIRC, it retained most of the coin-ops’ animation and had similar sprite size and graphics as well…all except that the backgrounds lacked parallax and were therefore static. I assume this was done to enable the game play to run as smooth as possible on the 3DO hardware. It was definitely a killer-app for the 3DO, and released during a period (Fall of 1994) in which the future was looking good for the console and it was receiving lots of third-party support. Unfortunately, in that same period there was a lot more stuff going on (“Mortal Kombat II” home ports, “Primal Rage”, “Donkey Kong Country”, “Sonic & Knuckles”, Sega 32X, the Japanese launches of the Saturn and Playstation) and that combined with the 3DO’s still-high price overshadowed this release. Besides, just three years later the port, like all SF2 ports of the period, were made redundant with the Saturn/PS1 release of “Street Fighter Collection”.

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too bad 3d0 version had no old characters. that killed the whole game if you used them, back then

Actually, it was my understanding that the 3DO version of SSF2T wasn’t that great. I mean it was a great game, but not a great port. I think some frames were missing, it had bad scrolling, and no Super characters.

Granted I never played that version, but it’s what I heard.