Best Idea for a fighting game


There are many deities in many religions. Including their counterparts of evil. It would be very cool and funny to have a fighting game based on the religions of the world.

-Christian bearded old man god,jesus, satan, virgin mary, michael arch angel etc.
-Allah (islam) dark haired clone of christian god (think ryu/ken). muhammed,etc.
-Zeus/Neptune/Hades (or other greek/roman mythos)
-Ganesha (4 armed hindu elephant)/shiva/ brahma, krishna
-Gautama Buddha (bhuddist)
-Ra, set, horus,osiris, etc. (egyptian)
-maybe even include astrology and other lesser religion characters:
-Mormon, Jahove witness, Scientologist, etc.

Also instead of doing damage and knocking each other out, there could be like a healing meter, and whoever is healed first is converted. (put to sleep). So attack moves could be pseudo funny laying of hands, giving gifts, reading scriptures, washing feet, kissing, hugging, blessing, magic casting, etc. And in the case of evil characters, they would do typical damage with normal damage style attacks. So a life meter could be double long and start at 0 and a character would be KO’d by either getting too far negative or too far positive.

-during jihad
-during crusades
-with painted elephants running
-mosque, temple, church, etc.

Moves etc. :
-instead of super meter, you would have faith meters that builds by being attacked.
-along side faith meter would be love/peace meter that builds by attacking.
-These meters would be named the opposite respectively, but act the same for evil characters.

In order to make the gameplay more interesting and novel. I think it would be cool to have most characters sort of ranged (even combos). Sort of like galacius in the new KI.


Jesus super would be called ‘die for your sins’ where he would be slashed and beaten , crowned with thorns, then crucified. The opponent, if hit by this would be kneeled and crying and bowing.


Wow. Just… wow.

Well, I guess that does it, guys! That was the best idea for a fighting game. This pretty much wraps it all up.

I guess we can close FGD now. Thanks everybody, it was fun!


Really no way to improve upon this. Congratulations.