Best in Japan

For those of you interested and don’t follow the scene closely, I’ll give you a quick overview of who the current best in Japan are.<br>
<br><font color="#cc0000"><font size=“3”><strong>S</strong></font><font size=“3”>+</font></font><br>Rei Chan<br><br><font size=“3”><strong><font color="#000099">S</font></strong></font><br>Kusoru, Nemo.<br><br><br>Confirmed going to Final Round 16:<br>Abegen<br>VxDante<br><br><strike><em><font color="#663300"><strong>Rumors<br></strong></font></em></strike>Rei Chan’s lack of interest to go to USA and playing in a tournament has gone from 0% to “he may consider it” according to numerous Nico sources.<br>Though it has been said that Kusoru isn’t going to Final Round by players that know him, there are whispers claiming people at FR are making an effort to get him there.<br>As Nemo’s cockiness grows, so does his aspiration to play in USA.  It was previously rumored that he’s trying to get to Final Round. However that seems unlikely.<br>The UMVC3/SF international representation for Japan and USA @ WGC may not be as appealing as advertised.  RF and Fuudo participation still is questionable as well as USA players like Dieminion.<br><br><br>SF4 Players.<br>Recently a lot of top SF4 players have picked up UMVC3.  I suspect these will be the bulk of Japanese to represent Japan in UMVC3 for EVO.  Here’s some to keep your eye on—<br><br>Eita:          Top but inconsistent Akuma.  Plays a number of different teams in UMVC3.<br>Kazunoko:  #1 BP Yun in Japan. Currently plays Wolvie/Akuma/Vergil.<br>Banbaban:  Top Yun and Cammy player in Japan.  Currently plays Wolvie/Doom/Vergil.<br>Acqua:       #1 BP Cammy in Japan. Currently plays Nova/Strange/Spencer<br>Nemo:        #1 BP Yang in Japan. Has been seen entering 5v5 AE tournaments. Top 3 UMVC3 player in Japan.<br>Tokido:       Top Akuma and potential top 5 UMVC3 player in Japan.<br>RF:            Top Sagat. Plays Taskmaster/Doom/Vergil.<br><br>There are other SF4 players playing the game such as Mago, Fuudo and recently Bonchan.   Most of these SF4 players haven’t been playing long but are rapidly improving and may pose the biggest threat come EVO outside of the top 3 if their current growth continues.<br><br><br><br><br>

So Nemo is the Yipes of Japan now (everyone saying he’s the best before he even wins much)? Meh Darth Lord Chou is still king fuck that noise. And Kusoru with that “doesn’t take the game seriously” OS he’s put more time into Marvel than probably anyone
Didn’t Rei-chan say he couldn’t make it more because events wouldn’t let him use pad?

Nemo the best?

Woah there.

 Well the difference I would say is Yipes has been going to tournaments where Nemo hasn't really entered tournaments since being declared the best.  For example he didn't enter the last FRB that happened but he cleaned up after the tournament was over.  The tournaments he did enter and didn't win were ones where he wasn't considered the best.  
  Kusoru doesn't take the game seriously in the sense he just has fun with it.  If you see him on stream he would tell you himself he just likes to have fun and when he plays you can see he does.  Though him being the guy that is thought of putting the most hours in training, I can see why most would say the statement isn't true. But you can ask him yourself about it.  He isn't hard to reach.  Even if you don't know Japanese you can get on stream and ask him and he'll answer you.  
 I think the pad/joystick is slowly being tolerated more.  VxDante is an up-and-comer whom usually plays a lot of online tournaments and started coming out to FRB and with more and more people being pad players in Japan,  those problems should start to becoming less of an issue.

If Nemo ends up going to NA and he’s still currently considered the best as he is now, though most may point to Chris G or F.Champ, I would think Flocker would be his biggest problem. If you look at the videos he seems to have a slight annoyance of Zero. And though one might say they aren’t the level of ChrisG, he seems to handle the best Morrigan players in Japan fine. Results wise Flocker seems to be the best Zero in NA. Frieda is considered best Zero in Japan.

Also I should add that though Chou is considered a very strong and top player, a lot of people like Nemo, Kusoru, RC and Frieda’s chances better than his in NA due to the team. Zhi for example thinks Nemo is the most beast player in Japan and has the best chance to win in NA while some like Kusoru’s chances simply due to the team.

Why would anyone like Nemo’s chances over Chou due to team? Nemo’s team sucks it’s just Nova/Spencer with anchor Strange.

The team reference was for Kusoru. They just like Nemo’s chances because he seems to be taking care of anyone that plays him. Japan also views Strange a lot stronger than North America does. Maybe due to their best player using Strange.

Also as an advance warning Ramasama is in Japan and they want to set up matches with him. Though you may not view him as a top player, he did win the SBO quals that was held at Arcade UFO with players like Fanatiq, Mihe and Jan in attendance. If lucky we’ll get to see Kusoru and Nemo play him in Ft10 set (and also maybe we’ll get to see Nemo vs. Kusoru in a long set).

Kusoru is currently undefeated in reported FT10 matches against NA players beating Wong, Jan and Mihe. Let’s see if Ramasama can end that streak and defeat him like he did at FR during the team tournament.

Nova Spencer works. Two HAM ass point characters that take advantage of the game’s air throw system and get big ass damage off it. Combofiend seems to really like the synergy with some point characters and Dr.Strange’s assists so there could be something there.

I’ll tell you why he doesn’t like facing Zero. It’s because Zero’s short as fuck and can quite literally walk under bolts (something that most top tier characters cant do). Since it’s his main neutral assist, it’s obviously going to be a painful match-up. That and, well, it’s Zero.

I’ll tell you what’s there. Bolts+characters with command grabs=godlike. Combofiend knows this, due to the spacing in-between the bolts. Plus, since She-hulk can crumple he gains raw tag set-ups with Strange.

Combo plays it like She-hulk/Spencer/Strange.

Anchor Strange is meh, though. He’s a gimmicky sort of anchor who loses heavily to rushdown.

Happiness, where is Emil, and what did you do to him?

Happiness is the good part of Emil that was expelled kind of like Rose is to M. Bison

What is this incomprehensible nonsense. It is clear that i am the best Marvel player in Japan, Nemo nothing more but merely a half-breed. After getting his buttox vanished in Arcade Edition he set his sights for my kingdom, but needless to say he’s yet to ever lay a finger on me.

Kusoru isn’t even worth mentioning. I am the best Marvel player in Japan.

He uses Spencer as anchor. He uses Strange anchor when he plays SheHulk/Spencer/Strange but Nova/Strange/Spencer is his primary team.

Nemo used to play the game a lot in vanilla and was considered the best in Japan back then…not totally surprising that he might be considered the best now, especially with his recent performances (like Nemo vs. Frieda).

Claims to not take the game seriously… traveled all the way to America for FR XIII and wins… gosh I hate new scene logic…

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His actions seem to back those claims. He doesn’t money match. He laughs while he usually plays. His game play also resembles this. Winning FRB and traveling to FR15 is the definition of fun. You may or may not know this but in Japan, even more so before FR there were very little Marvel tournaments. The majority of them were online and FRB was one of the very few. How many people travel to EVO or other tournaments primarily for the fun of it? And to have the opportunity to do that in a different country where the game is actually bigger is one that’s hard to pass by! Anyway I’m not here to judge him. That’s what he says and I’m not in his shoes to say whether it’s true or not. Just because he happens to be good doesn’t mean he has to follow the trend of making this about being the best. Maybe he enjoys beating people that make this game their lives while he just sees the game as a hobby to have fun with. Actually he proved that you don’t have to take a game as serious as most other top players do and still win. Or maybe he just proved that Marvel really is that much of a kuso game.

By the way the people that regularly speak to him and about him have said the same thing.

It remembers me of the whole Jwong sbo scenario.

Jwong as far as we know in Japan 2012 didn’t even try to train in UMVC3 all that much. All he cared about is doing well in SF4, and that was his main objective in SBO. He doesn’t qualify for SBO in SF4, but he wins UMVC3 SBO in a game he barely cares about it.
Shakes my head

You can tell BTW that Jwong likes SF4, SFXT over Marvel.

Has anything ever come up with Condor Missile? That guy has cool setups and nasty combos. Is he still top ranked online? (obv online doesn’t matter but from the few matches Ive seen he seems like a good player)

They posted some sets on eventhubs and there might be some random PSN recorded footage on that same channel with him. He’s a ghost never seen in person.

Kusoru’s one of my favorite players because he makes marvel FUN. Everything about the dude just gives off fun.

Wait, so WTF happened to Nemo and AE? Did the Yang nerfs really caused him to stop playing the game?