Best in nj cvs2 tournament results

  1. robert sigley k rugal yamazaki geese
  2. jerry hong c vega blanka sagat

4-3, was a tough tournament with high turnout. mad cash prizes for the winner congrats!

hahahaha mad cash prizes for the winner congrats. I like that. It’s like you were shouting it in the mirror or something.

it coulda been mad cash prizes for jerry but he’s an idiot and starts taunting me when he has 100% life and i have 1% i get raged hit crossup mk lp fp super lp fp hcb k stun crossup mk lp fp hcb kick, like 17 jd’s in a row rage again jd into raging storm, peace i’m taking the money
apex soon!

WTF! We’re not worth playing? You have to run home and play? I see how it is. Damn I gotta get better at RCing.

i run home to be with my girlfriend cvs2 is just a bonus. you guys never play i see weird times when i’m in school so i can’t come to those. no one in NJ RC’s i have no idea how to RC it’s too much work for lil profit

ROFL. Rob, you are the man.

Rsigley: Did you find playland? Just post when you can play. Don’t try to go in there randomly. Odds are you’ll find people playing different games but don’t even know how to do fbs. Just post a time. Seeya.

Nightmare wiped the floor with you guys. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

lol Rob…

yeah he wiped out our nonexistent marvel players. He’s top tier.