Best in the midwest!

I think I’m the best around here and want to prove it. I’m holding open challenges to anyone that wants to shut me up. Pm me or post here. Videos will be taken and posted on my youtube account, win or lose.

Heres a little preview of what I’m about ;D

haha get that shit out of here

LOL I’ll take on anyone…

everyone knows that the best in the midwest is Shin Wolverine

Well where is he? I wanna vs him… I’ve never even heard of him tbh. I’ve beaten Twisted Jago, Noel Brown, Viscant and a few other cosmic lords, so I think I can handle him ;D

…and probably lose. its fucking marvel 3. so what if you caught 2 assist and killed them with lvl 1 x-factor then got lucky with a j. C with sentinal still in x-factor. ill say it again, its marvel 3 and that shit happens allllll the time. you did nothing fancy or noteworthy.

i love how every few months there is a new joke thread in the midwest for me to enjoy. never boring. message boards–>

How about you shut me up than?

Little fucks like you sit around on these boards all the time, and for what? To just sit in the shadows?

FUCK THAT! I’m trying to get my name out there, and if beating every person on is the way to do it, than so be it.

Either vs me, or stfu, you chose, cuz I didn’t come here to chat.

Yo someone body this nigga and send me the aftermath.

Who cares about gay ass marvel 3, sit down child

Beating everyone on SRK is like Kurt Angle going against HS sophomores…how about you show up at a tourney and step up?

How about I don’t have the means to do so? I don’t have all the luxuries some people have, so I’ll make my name on youtube, and try to get sponsored.

I’ve won 4 tournaments and already have a sponsor that will pay 100 out of his own pocket, but that doesn’t cover nearly as much as I’d need.

So back to the topic, any one wanna “body” me, and show me whats up?

4 tournaments…never heard of you.

Thats cause you don’t live around here.

Its this nice gaming scene that our local library sponsors called Save Point.

We host MvC3, SF4 AE, SSB:Melee, and other games from time to time. If anyone around the south bend, indiana area is interested let me know ;D

Either come to a tourny and Money Match me ft10 for $100 seeing im one of the best in the midwest AND i never heard of you…and funny u say Jago is a cosmic lord when he isnt because he dosent play marvel online that much…stay free kid

I 2nd that.

LOL Who the fuck are you dude?

I’ve never heard of you once, so yeah…

and where did I ever say Jago is a cosmic lord? Hes a highlord and his gt is TAZZ11221, so shove that in your pipe and smoke it XD

I understand the idea that you can’t make it to major tournaments. A lot of people seem to overlook people in that position. That being said, you can likely make a name for yourself online, but calling out the midwest won’t do it. go call out New England for a while…

Please close this thread…and ill body you offline and online if you wanna play me invite me OmG iTz Andre and that is NOt his gamertag LOL

and dude, you wouldn’t want me to take your money… I don’t wanna make an old man cry XD