Best Iron Man Side Tourney at Evo World?

i’m stupid, this challenge will not go down

Man, stop hyping yourself. You’re turning into WC’s DXP.

why’d you have to bring brandon into this! were all ruined =/. the event sounds fun and ill enter but like i said before IM vs IM doesnt prove anything, this is more of a “which player is better with IM on his team” type of thing than “who has the best IM statistacally”. But if you throw it ill join =D

y’all should put my boy buckethead from houston. he got 2nd at evo south. his name should be mentioned in this IM tourney.

i didn’t say i think i have the best iron man, it’s just that he’s my favorite player to play with and i wanna see how it is to bring all the top iron man players together…

don’t ever call me wc’s dxp lol

so if someone plays storm/sent/im and wins, they have the best im? pretty retarded. And combo already wins.

This tournament just took place in my brain, and Illan won.

we’ll do triple IM teams

R U SERIO?!?!?



How about a side tournament for every marvel player who has never made it to a grand final? That way, one of us can actually win something for once.

u vs illan ft 500 pls confirm this…i’m curious how good your IM is…make this happen…

yeah it’s goin down, usually the match just goes until whoever get the first IM hit.

he’s definitely better than me, but we play a lot so i do think i stand a chance…

i would join, but i totally agree with j360 on the IM vs IM thing. Also, triple IM teams seems a little rediculous. One hit wins the game without as much as a chance of anything. same can be said for having just one IM, but somethimes for whatever reason the inf to proton cannon doesnt kill, well, then dhc to PC, then if that doesnt kill, do it again. then GB and just do it all over again. Im sure the matches will be beyond boring. I say if you are going to do this, just have people use whatever team they use with IM and have them play it that way. just my thoughts on this.

Ok, I’ll just put some sense into this right now. In a vs game like marvel there cannot be a best particular character player. Because when the one character dies, then you still have the rest of the team. So therefore it doesn’t really mean anything if you somehow kill the person’s IronMan. Like, I can kill Illan’s IM or Illan could kill Josh 360’s IM, but it doesn’t show who’s the better IM player is lol! One person’s team could totally counter the other person’s team, or someone get a random assist hit etc etc…

In this game you could probably do “who has the best storm sent IM, or something like that” But then even that sounds LAME. It’s basically about who’s the better player, so this IM thread challenge doesn’t even do anything.

Props to you then, and good luck, and record it b/c Illan matches aren’t plentiful.

didn’t really think about it that way…crap, looks like another one of my ideas gone to shame…oh well

(nice avatar killakelly!)

i like my ironman over everyone mentioned in this thread except the real peter aka peter ROSAS!

yea who ever gets the hit first wins, whether it be random or gimmick one hit wouldnt determine whos IM is better , and it only takes one hit to die =/

This can be done if there was a rule set where you can only do 3 reps max of the infinite. You would need to either reset or finish the combo with proton canon.