Best Japanese rigs?

As the title asks who are they? Excuse the rog typo

madea tyson (spelling?)

That ice 0 age dude.

Maeda Taison
R - Chan (ice0age)
Aojuri Guile.


^^^ LOL @ myself :wink:

Maeda is the best Rog out there hands down for me.

  1. Maeda
  2. Pamyu
  3. Keno
  4. PR Rog
  5. ice0age


As the best Japanese Rog, I do feel that Ice0age is the best. We play very similar. Kind of scary. I see Maeda as second.

I don’t think I’ve seen too much of ice0age to consider him the best. I just jizz in my pants (TheLonelyIsland!) when I see Maeda go, he just rapes badly. Shame you don’t have XBL, wouldn’t mind giving you a few games :slight_smile:

Aw man…

Would’ve loved to play to play you as well.

JS Master

I didn’t know japan made big rigs.

ice0age hands down… he does shit with balrog that i didnt even know was possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any other balrog players that have their replays posted like ice0age? I checked all AE replays on ShinAkuma’s and YogaFlame’s yt accounts and he’s the only one playing balrog there. Although his cr.MP RU loops are sick…