Best joystick for fighter cabinets?

I’m building a Mame cabinet for fighter games and was wondering what joysticks you guys recommend are better for a arcade cabinet?

Is going with a Happs 8 way all I need?


it’s all preference

most people use happ competition.

about 80% of people here on srk perfer japanese sticks.

Happs is a Japanese stick right?

no. it american my friend.

I think 360s are best but it is all personal preference.

Why would you say the 360’s?

For cabinet, keep in mind the control panel (a.k.a. your mounting surface) will play a factor, too. Wood control panels are generally too thick for Sanwa’s. There is a variation of the Sanwa, which Ultimarc sells (the J-stick), and you can find on ebay, with a longer shaft. This one will mount on a 1/4" thick (or less) surface. For anything thicker, you’re pretty much stuck with American.

I can probably get a router so I don’t run into this problem.
Is the only thing that sets the American joysticks aside from the Japanese the quality?

No there are many other differences between US and Japanese parts. Do some forum searching and I’m sure you will find out what those differences are.

Personally quality is not an issue. Its physical mounting room you have to account for, as well as personal preference when it comes to a ball top joystick or the reverse tear drop shape that HAPP has.

American “woody” cabs can accommodate both Japanese and American joysticks, you just have to modify or replace the control panel. As for “candy cabs,” alot of them use Seimitsu or Sanwa parts, making placement of US style components rather difficult IMO.

But since you are building a Mame cab, either one will do you nicely. Its all about personal preference when it comes to what you want to use as a joystick.

For Sanwa & Seimitsu parts:

unless you’re ordering a lot from happs, you will pay an arm and a leg on shipping.

Don’t worry about routing. Happ controls are meant to install under wood. Like others have said, 3/4" + lexan won’t be a problem. I’ve got 3 custom sticks built to that exact spec & I have zero issues.

I’m pretty sure I used the same drill bit for the joystick hole as the button holes and it works perfect. The hole is large enough for the angular throw & the dust shield easily covers the gap.

If you decide to go American & Happ parts… there is no reason to worry about routing/mounting.

This is true. If going Happ, get them off ebay (you won’t have any trouble finding them).

Thanks for the help guys.
Speaking of Ebay I have been eying this auction. He is always selling this package.
What do you think?

I order from Tornado Terry all the time. The price is pretty good and he always uses USPS Priority and at the latest ships the day after you order. That package has everything you need.

If I can make one recommendation: if you prefer american, go with happ competition (convex) push buttons. The performance is much better than the “old school” concave push buttons, and they are just more efficient buttons (imho).

If you’re looking to buy some Happ stuff, we’re running ours on sale…


just out of curiosity what would make these a better button? Do they have different micro switches?

Chad- Thanks for your site I’ll check it out today. By the way do you sell I-pac’s?

The buttons are better because of the quality, endurance speed, and they are authentic, LL prices are super good, service is even better, so go buy them! hehe

The microswitches are the same the only real difference is the convex or concave shape (unless you’re comparing Competition to Ultimate). Convex buttons are easier on your fingers after extended amounts of play and are easier to press than concave.