Best Joystick Parts Website? + Joystick tech question


Hey members of Shoryuken I need a little help again, im looking for some good websites that sell top notch quality arcade stick parts such as or If you guys could give me some websites that you personally use for your arcade stick repairs id greatly appreciate it thank you. By the way i have this WWE All Stars Brawl Stick with a pretty neat function it allows me to switch the joystick from the right stick to the D-Pad and to the left stick of a controller if you know what i mean, im wondering if there’s a joystick that will keep this ability or if any old joystick will work thanks again and sorry if I put this thread in the wrong forum section I think its the right spot :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not the joystick itself that has that functionality, it’s the PCB of the Brawlstick.


So any joystick is fine then im taking it thanks for the reply tigerish!


Well, while any joystick with a 5-pin connector should be compatible with the connection inside the case, I’m not sure how the mounting would work out. I don’t have any experience with the Brawlsticks personally, but hopefully someone with some experience with them can post and answer your question.


Sanwa jlf, seimitsu ls-58-01’,ls 32-01. Would be drop in replacements for the brawlstick joystick.