Best Juggles....

I want to hear who are the best juggles in the game (as in the air combo).

IMO, Yun is the best juggle in 3s cause he can do anything with his SA3. Second Dudley for sway tactic and third Elena for EX style.

Whats ur opinion??


Personally I think Oro, Urien, and Dudley are my favorite jugglers cause they’re more juggling. Yun’s SAIII is a juggle but that’s the extent of his ability. Chickencombo, wallslams, and mgbs are all without supers and then the supers just enhance their juggles. Necro in my opinion is a better juggler than Yun for his corner juggles.


N - No, really.

C&DB > EX Rush > Roundhouse = top tier juggle

C&DB > jab overhead rush > rush xx SAII = major pain :smiley:

does that do good damage since the super is only 2 hits?

What is “C&DB”?

71 points on Ryu

(the supers unlinked does 67).
There’s a noticeable scaling, yes, but not too bad. And it’s still Q’s most damaging post-C&DB juggle.
Looks very stilish, too :smiley:

Capture & Deadly Blow, Q’s command throw

Wall throw, fierce clap, SA#2

Corner wall toss stun strong strong strong toward+fierce low jab back breaker


N - Don’t forget the rush-juggle at the end!

ken - weak shoryuken to standing strong (double shoryuken conditions)

yes i feel the C&DB NIGHTMARE !!
and i wasted 3 bucks on that …challanging a real good Q player

streak ! damn it i can’t excape C&DB …i got no time to jump off !!

and this fella did was jump-in , jab(back-slap) , light-C&DB …
and it really for fast as poke strings or comboed …

edit : damn streak’s not here

combo counter comes out immediately after super art finishes. for some reason, you can’t follow up after C&DB -> jab overhead rush -> jab rush xx Deadly Double. but yup, it is a sweet combo. err, juggle :D.

Thanks for posting here guys…

Please teach me some of good juggles for Urien, I’m beginning to learn about Urien’s move…

Is 12 has a good juggle too??


It… hurts me to answer this.

Twel(e)ve has some decent (for him) resets, but they’re generally useless. You can do some nice stuff with SA2, but the damage is such undeniable garbage air-to-air that it’s almost completely useless. Things like IAD (Instant Air Dash) strong air-to-air, Tiger Knee’d SA2. Complete garbage. Or jab whippy hands (anti-air), mk xx jumpcanceled SA2. Again, junk. Or do the same combos, and substitute SA1. I’'ll put them in the “Why Twel(e)ve doesn’t COMPLETELY suck” video, which godwilling will be out before I reach middle-age.

I tells ya what, if I don’t at least have all of the footage done (no bumpers) by the end of the week, I will send SlimX 20 dollars. Keep poking, ladies.


Either way, I win.

A good Q is rare. Streak plays him though. Yun’s SAIII is definately the best juggle in the game for the buck. But Necro’s a nice corner juggler, Urien’s unblockables make him nice too. Dudley is more of a poker than a juggler. Oro’s stones make him killer as well stun death sucks!

D+Fierce, Rising Rage Kick with Remy :rolleyes: