Best juggles?



hi im pure noob, i was readin stuff that double reppukan was posting, but i might have missed the juggles, cus i didnt read every word.

help is appreciated


without getting too fancy, these are your best bet. or not. i use them anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


jab = LP
strong = MP
fierce = HP

short = LK
forward = MK
roundhouse = HK

MGB = Machine Gun Blow

SSB = Short Swing Blow

x = 2 in 1

  1. s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> towards + forward x fierce Jet Uppercut
  2. s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> jab MGB -> short SSB

those 2 are, IMO, good juggles for Dudley because they aren’t difficult, don’t expend too much meter (just that 1 EX) and they deal pretty good damage.

you can also initiate juggles from c. roundhouse, aka, the sweep. basically, you can use the combos above, just start it with a sweep. and yeah, they’re corner only :smiley:

if you wanna know the more complicated and senseless ones, just give us here the heads up :lol:


“if you wanna know the more complicated and senseless ones, just give us here the heads up”

Gimme the good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


crouching rh x 5 , sa1 , crouching rh x 5 xx finish



If you actually took your time to browse through this thread, you’ll find lots of things like this:

Enjoy and good luck.


the two aren’t EXACTLY the same thing. Not all of dudley’s combos are juggles, and combos you can do while the person’s stunned and in the air you can’t really do when a person is in the air but not stunned. So the guy sort of has a legitimate reason to make the thread, however weak it may be.

Anywho, here’s a couple of nice/stupid ones.

c.rh (or ex mgb), ex jet uppercut, land, c.strong xx SA1/3.

c.rh, ex mgb, jab mgb, forward swing back blow xx SA1/3

c.rh, ducking straight xx SA1/3

c.rh or ex mgb, s.forward, s.roundhouse chain

if you stun them after an ex mgb, or miraculously after c.rh, try c.fierce, wait, toward+fierce xx sa1/3 also :smiley: