Best Justice $$$ Can Buy: Tech Millionare Who Beat GF 117 Times Gets 25hrs Community Service


Maybe she’s a democrat?


money is indeed the greatest superpower I guess


looks at where he’s from

Not even remotely surprised.


So that’s why @DaDesiCanadian‌ stopped posting on SRK.


Girlfriend probably volunteered for another beating as soon as they handed her the first check.


Dude did a brutality with a pillow doe? @DaDesiCanadian‌ got some interesting combos


No surprise here. :coffee:


san francisco? lol. dude came from india as a kid, not an adult. anyways, yeah, i mean this is a combination of shoddy police work (with good intent for once), and the girlfriend getting paid off not to cooperate. that still seems hella light of a sentence, but its hard to throw the book at a man worth 100s of millions of dollars, with access to great lawyers, when the video you have was obtained illegally, and the girlfriend is not cooperating. the thing is, what if he would have killed her on video, we just gonna be like, nah, you got that video illegally, evidence is inadmissable .

if she would have cooperated, he would have gotten more time, and likely harsher charges up to and including possibly attempted murder. he still got 3 years probation, amongst community service, and having to have to take domestic abuse classes. what a pussy ass bitch too. you beat the living shit out of your girlfriend because she went to vegas and got some better dick? who gives a fuck. youre a good looking dude worth 100 million fucking dollars, go get a new girl. she dealt a blow that large to your ego that you beat her for 30 minutes straight? a woman can get me worked up when shes being extra crazy fo sho, but jail isnt worth proving my strength over her, and im not a fucking multi millionaire. let me be worth 100 million dollars, id never be in long relationship, and if my main chick decided to slurp up some random at a club, id just say, no thank you, next, not beat the shit out of her.

guys like him, mayweather, etc… just blow my fucking mind at how weak hearted they are. good looking, uber rich men, who could literally pay to be carried around all day, and the average woman wouldnt turn down for a date and a fuck, are out here getting worked up over hos. in mayweathers case, he went to jail for a while over his ex wife. leonardo dicaprio needs to sit these men down and show them how to pimp without feelings.


Would you rather have somebody dodge jail time for being rich or for having a vagina?


Depends if they are white or not…you forgot to add that to your equation.


Bitch probably didn’t shut the fuck up.

Many times :coffee:


When I read the title I thought it was a spambot.


All avoided if you’d put a cot in the kitchen.

On the reals, this is pretty shitty, I wish America would get off their asses and stop watching American Idol and start getting pissed about the government.


Highly motivated, singleminded guys like him are usually extremely narcissistic and complete control freaks. They only put on a good face for interviews and photo-ops, but are absolute monsters to people they think are beneath them. I’m sure his employees weren’t surprised when this news came to light, I can see this guy screaming at them and going ballistic when things go awry.


I’m sure she did something to deserve it.
She is female after all.


From that article it sounds like he is the one that invented all these invasive ads that pop up all over the internet and on mobile phones. Sure, we can ad-block most of them now, but blocking on your phone requires rooting it first and extra steps, and I did get a virus once before ad block started working well many years ago. Scum like him doesn’t deserve to live. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t deserve any of that money, and it should be distributed to me. Failing that, it should be given to everyone that has ever had one of his shitty ads pop up, and it should be illegal to use such measures on the internet. One of the reasons I don’t watch TV is because I can’t stand the crappy American commercials on them.

It figures that whoever invented the stupid ads on the internet would be a monster. You have to have absolutely zero respect for anybody else to do that. Normal human beings don’t come up with ideas on how to force ads onto people. I don’t mean monster in a good way either, but an actual hideous creature worthy of revulsion.

He is actually my age…just with tons more money than I can ever hope to make. To someone else’s point above, I don’t think these guys are really that good with women. Sure if you have a ton of money women will flock to you, but if you still suck with women you still suck with women. These types of guys can be extremely insecure and controlling as someone else stated. But it’s more that they’re losers to begin with, you can call it lipstick on a pig or whatever. Yeah this guy is extremely talented, but really, so what? If you’re that smart, you have to live with the fact that you’re also smart enough to realize when people don’t actually give a shit about you and just want your money. I can understand that being a lonely existence that people can crack under. Not excusing the guy, I’m actually mocking him.


this is sick shit


should i generalize?


RockB on blast. He was talking about accidentally tripping a bitch and this indian dude goes HAM for a good half hour and walks away. Gonna have to step that shit up.


Frisco is a fucking cesspool, the whole place needs to be purged clean in a tsunami&tidal wave combonation.