Best Justin Wong Comeback?

For those of you haven’t seen it yet, Justin’s Evo 2007 comeback with Cyclops has been posted

I’m wondering which comeback was the most impressive: the one pixel Cable comeback he made on Xecutioner, this past Evolution Cyclops win against Yipes, and I guess you could throw in the ECCXI come from behind win with Sentinel/Cyclops against Yipes’ MSS.

The one pixel comeback is still a personal favourite of mine, but pulling the Cyclops comeback at Evo is insane.

the list is longer than that:wasted:

Most impressive probably Cyc IMO any comeback vs such a aggressive team like MSP is hard but YIPES MSP make it 10x harder. He did it with a character that isn’t one of the god tier either seriously Cyc isn’t known for anything but being a useful anti air assist.

However my favorite would be ECC XI that one just a thing of beauty.

since when did cyclops suck on point? his kick super + stupid normals + uppercut + doublejump = stupid good

Wow that was some ownage! Some Daigo Psychic DPing stuff right there!!!:wow:

Here’s my ranking:

  1. One Pixel Comeback (nuff said)

  2. This new Cyke match! (lol I just had to)

  3. His final match versus SiN (“Commando you fucking suck!”)

Can someone link me to the ECC XI comeback? Seen the others mentioned already…

who the fuck taught you how to play? if you don’t know shit about the game, don’t make any opinions on it.

cyke is one of the best characters in the game hands down.

Seriously. Plus, his jump roundhouse stuffs some things and builds meter hella fast. His ground game is ridiculous too, as indicated by Justin at EVO. I was there and it was the best comeback I’ve seen in a long time. Psychic DPs ftw.

Yea and how many cyc ocv have you seen? please link me to a cyc ocv any good santhrax, msp, mss please. I dind’t say Cyc sucks “Cyc isn’t known for anything but being a useful anti air assist.” I said he isn’t KNOWN for (b/c good Cycs are RARE) doesn’t men he suck if you can’t comprehend what I am saying then don’t quote my shit. Where do you see the word “suck” in my post.

Oh and when did I play marvel? back from 00-04 in Seattle where there were much more Cycs then Santhrax… wait i don’t even remember santhrax being played here at the time.

Cyc by himself should have no chance of coming back

this highly suggests that your trying to say that cyke on point is garbage because he’s only used for an AA. did you even read your own post?

I want anyone with an IQ above 4 to read that sentence and explain to me what its trying to say. Now, if you meant to say that good cykes are rare, shouldn’t you have said that? we’re not fucking psychic.

any person that knows marvel knows that shouldn’t give up. Especially if you have a character like cyke\doom who are great characters and if they have bar, they still have a shot no matter what team they’re up against.

cyke + sent drones = pain in the ass

That last match was comedy.

Not a comeback but my favorite Justin Wong match has to be TRL in Florida.

HELL NO Justins 1pixel vs X is #1 in the history books for any game.

Oh my god…

still going with 1 pixel comeback.

although what that one guy said- psychic dp ftw.

the mind games one can play using a double jump are too funny.

anyone have links to the vids mentioned above? I watched some of the ECCXI finals but for some reason I can’t remember the massive comeback, and I definitely haven’t seen the 1 pixel fight.

[media=youtube]ogBYrzYWVgQ[/media] <<< How can you not seen this video before?

The ECCXI Video is Private on youtube,

1 pixel comeback… it’s not even close. (That doesn’t mean the cyke comeback wasn’t amazing)

He pushblocked the hailstorm, and thew out a beam to avoid getting chipped to death before AHVB and then made the miracle comeback. Even today, that advanced tactic isn’t in 98% of marvel player’s arsenals.

I agree with totaltoanage by saying that could be the greatest comeback ever in any videogame.

that vid was crazyyyyy

But I gotta go with the one pixel comeback.

My favorite was the one where he almost lost, but didn’t.