Best KOF cosplay ever?

I don’t usually look at cosplays but these ones are awesome(some better than others).

Wow@alternate Kula/B.Jenet.

the chick’s look kool but the dude’s need to be killed asap

…that was hideous.

awesome… cool oswald

the bjenet cosplayers a QT @A@;;;;;

Hehe sorry that they’re not better at cospplaying than you XD

Guys almost always look like douchebags in cosplay.

That Ash is fuckin awesome. The Kula in white looks good too.

What no Mr Karate? Fuck that!

I like it…heh

Honestly, the fat chick on the left killed it for me. Some people just need to purchase a mirror.

These pictures should be placed here

Why do they put on makeup to make them look like RealDolls?

Fat chick on the left? I don’t see any fat chick in his link.

Nagase was pretty fat, could be her face, noticed it with the K’ person as well.

I will say the Blonde Jenet is pretty fucking hot…


Eugh, K’ and high heels. :looney: The Kulas and some others are alright but it’s hardly stuff that can be called the best ever.

come on, the nagase isn’t THAT fat.

The Jenet was way to fuckin sexy.

I have yet to see anyone pull off a decent Leona.

True That.