Best Lagless Way to Extend USB Stick

I have a T.E. stick and a Hori SE stick for the 360. I want to get an EVO monitor to eliminate lag, but not move my xbox from my home theater, this requires about an extra 7 feet of usb cable than supplied with the sticks so I can sit at my desk where the new monitor will be, but still have the option of playing other games/movies through my home theater setup. I want to make sure I’m not adding any lag/input delay, as that’s the whole point of my purchase of the ASUS screen. Any recommended hubs or anything power that is/are guaranteed lagless? Any test results to post up? Thanks…

The USB 1.1 standard is up to 3 meters (about 10ft) before timing becomes an issue. USB 2.0 should be up to 5 meters (16 feet).

However, you should be able to use any powered USB hub and extend the range without issues.

I have heard that some usb hubs that are powered may produce their own input delay due to processing…

Their is also using adapters that use CAT 5 Ethernet cable to extend USB lines. I can not report on lag rate.

Alternatively (but just a theory), you could splice a USB extension cable with some Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet wire, since both use twisted pairs while USB is straight wire

Just get a USB extension cable.

Just slapping on an unpowered extension cable puts the cable past its spec limit…a high chance of adding input lag. If the point of this extension is to be able to use a lag free monitor…that kinda defeats the purpose.

You need one of my patented Mahogany USB Quantum EnDet[1] rings. Wrap your USB cable of any length through the ring an even number of times [2] and the electrons at both ends of the cable become quantumly entangled, so that any change in one end immediately applies to the other end, regardless of cable length, inducted EMF. Since the entanglement is faster than light, there is NO propagation delay, regardless of wire length, condition, shape, or color. Anecdotal[3] evidence has even shown it to remove all propagation delay from the television to your eyes! Remember, the further away you sit, the longer it takes light to reach your eyes, giving your opponent the edge. Diago sits right in front of the TV for a reason, and now with the Mahogany USB Quantum EnDet rings, you can get the next best thing from your 88" plasma while still keeping the full playfield in view.

  1. Entangler/Detangler
  2. Odd number of turns reverse the polarity, causing signal degredation. Twice, four times, but never three times the lady.
  3. Double blind is for pussies.

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Toodles, you are NOT allowed to play with causality without a permit.