Best laptop between $500-$600

so i recently just bought a computer from dell…but i’m selling it now because i figured i may need a laptop for school. anyways, which laptop/notebook is the best under $600 , or is there nothing decent for the price?

Dells are always cheap. Inspiron 1501 upgraded with dual-core and bigger battery go for a little under $600.

just grab some random ass laptop from best buy or whatever.

speaking of dells:

or go to and search for laptops.

I was wondering the same thing. Although I’m willing to go alittle higher than 600. Maybe around 900.

I’m thinking of selling my pc and just getting a laptop.

Dell sucks now. Sager, or Toshiba ftw.

Dell’s current cheapest laptop Inspiron model for about $580 shipped is Good. Just make sure to get it with XP and NOT Vista.

Dell laptops rock! My current Dell laptop wipes the floor with any desktop i’ve had.

What ever you end up getting, up the ram and battery if those options are available.


i suggest a macbook and using bootcamp to run windows. they’re well-equipped (C2D 2.0GHz minimum with the 4MB cache). they’re fairly lightweight too. bare minimum would be less than $1k with student discount.

if you’re a college student, you get a $100 discount and a rebate for a free ipod nano.

Working in the I.T. field i would say go with a dell they have the best customer support