Best legal way to obtain PC version of Alpha 2

I made the mistake of going through TryMedia, and I just requested a refund. They expect me to adhere to a SecuRom-esque policy that only allows me to activate it 5 times via an activation code tied to an online account. No thanks.

I could pick up the Anthology for PS2, but that would run into money that I don’t feel like spending at the moment. It would mean the game plus a replacement PS2 (I sold my old one) and a PS2 arcade stick.

I’m open to suggestions.

[edit] Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread.

Or you can do it the illegal way and get the Alpha 2 ROM and play it on GGPO.

Dude everyone on GGPO also owns a physical copy of the game. Nothing illegal about it at all :wink:

Funny thing is I actually own a physical copy of the PC version A2. Why anyone would want it though I don’t know.

Legal? I say try Gametap. I haven’t played an old 2D fighter on it that doesn’t have online play.