Best lesser known popoffs


What are some of the best lesser known pop-offs/trash talk during matches/post matches in fighting games? I’m not talking stuff that got on stream, but older stuff/lesser known stuff. Interested in CvS2 popoffs (if there were any).

MvC3 doesn’t count :coffee:

anyways, ill start things off with sanford’s “eat a fucking dick”


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Mongoloids or is that too known?




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[media=youtube]98eAwqRqQkM[/media] 3:40

Not so much a popoff, but a godlike celebration


Not lesser known then, but probably is now.



I dont think there is a match vid of the incident, but it gets talked about on the dr. sub zero show w/ pryolee.





There’s footage of the match that they played. And you can kind of hear Justin popping off in the background when his teammate is playing. It’s one of the Texas tourneys, not sure exactly where it is on youtube, but I’ve definitely seen it.


Josh Wigfall vs Duc Jr money match. Ending video where it gets really heated they had to hold back Josh. Anyone got link?
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Pyrolee’s story telling in that clip… Gather round the fire childeren…




mongolia story never gets old no matter how much i hear it




i didnt change my avatar at all, I just put xvsf magneto over basedgod and erased magnetos face.


imma look for it, but i swore it was bobino playing 3s vs a norcal dude, and he was boppin him with oro and talking crazy shit while doing it, like, “FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. YOU FUCKING SUCK BITCH”. just like at the top of his lungs. i gotta do some research real quick. that shit is a classic imo.


This one needs no introduction.


The “HOW ARE YOU GOING TO DO ANY DAMAGE VICTOR?!” line from that Mikado Vampire Hunter tournament a few years ago always gets me. Unfortunately it looks like the video’s private now, so I can’t link it.


MK related, too good: