Best media player

just wanted to know your guys’ thoughts on the best media player to play movies and such on your comps. i use windows media 11, if i dont use my ps3 that is, but i knows theres others. lookin to upgrade :confused: (i hope im in the right place)

zoom player is the best imo

theres a free version out there. Its just not updated to the latest version where you have to pay

I use the K-lite codec pack. It also comes with media player classic which works great for me. You only really need the codec pack though if you just want to stick with WMP 11.

Depends on what kind of media you’re playing. For music I use iTunes which I think kinda suck, but less than everything else, lol. But if you’re looking for something that uses very few resources, Billy is a pretty cool program. Amazingly simple.

For videos, though, VLC ftw, hands down. It uses very few resources and can play pretty much any file type without having to get codecs. Very simple, very lite, and can do everything a video player should be able to do. That’d be my suggestion.

yeah i was primarily talking about videos and movies. and i noticed i had extremely bad grammar haha

Man, I use VLC cause it’s compatible with practically everything out there without the hassle of installing codecs.

From my experience, Media Player Classic will get you going with the least amount of overhead. If you get it with the k-lite mega codec pack you can also just about guarantee that the videos will work. I’ve heard great things about VLC player as well with it’s broadcasting capabilities.

As for music I’ve been using Winamp - I have such a large collection that having the custom filters for the library are now invaluable to me. I just edit the tags and then tell my smart views to filter content based on the custom meta tags I use.

vlc is all around the greatest from what I hear including above. I use iTunes for music too since I have an iPod Classic and got it when those other apps that let you not use iTunes didn’t support it and WMP11 for everything else. I got the CCCP it’s a codec pack that comes with a bunch of stuff. Google it and you’ll find it. I wanted that because it let me play everything in WMP11 without needing to get another player.

I’ll recommend KMPlayer. Plays most all formats available and has an extensive set of options.

I think VLC wins hands down but I don’t like the interface. I prefer the k-lite codec pack with media player classic, but I just can’t seem to play flac files.

I use MPC for videos, and Zune Player for music since I’ve got a 2nd gen. Zune, but if I didn’t, I’d suggest Winamp for music.

CCCP >>>>>>>>>>>>> K-lite.

I actually like WMP a lot. Its not as lightweight as VLC, and requires you to hunt for codecs, but its library management is better than VLC.

I actually switch back and forth between them, depending on what I’m doing.

edit: And CCCP is awesome.

I hate VLC, for the record. terrible interface, shitty seek/skip function…and there’s pretty much no quality it has that The KMPlayer doesn’t share.

i love VLC

For video I use Media Player Classic with fddshow, Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative mainly.
When that does not work I switch over to VLC media player.

For audio I use Winamp 2.95.