Best meter charger for each character?

what is the best move for each character to build thier meter? i know, with the SARK its crouching MP apparently, and the handclap with hugo. thanks in advanced.

Dudley: st/cr.Strong, st.Roundhouse

Yang/Yun: cr.Strong

Necro: back+Strong

I think not everyone can take advantage of this. Their normals has to be fast and not risking themselves getting hit just by throwing it out. For example, Alex can do st.Strong, but not consistently since it has kinda slow recovery.

thanks very much. i really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

u can try necros taunt if u just supered them, but dont hold the taunt button, just one time, then press again, i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

and ken/akuma/ryu: cr. strong
makoto: strong or just jemp back roundhouse befre u land or something
chun: back+fierce

makoto can do crouching roundhouse to charge meter pretty decent.

true, but i would hate to see a ken dashing in and do c.forward xx sa3

its her fastest whiff move that builds the most meter, u cant really whiff moves like a maniac against ken ANYWAYS

i saw some makoto use that one on a run away yun, she got a full bar and PMS for some reason and killed him in 5 seconds… it was disgusting. oh and no i’m not talking about sa3, she was using sa1:mad:

Makato whiff normal to gain meter? That’s quite unusual since she gets hella meter just by rushing that shit down :slight_smile:

Urien: st.Strong, st.Fierce, j.Roundhouse

Twelve: (unsure) air dash as soon as Twelve jumps, j.Roundhouse (it doesn’t even come out if done right, also used to get in for a quick throw)

Elena: cr.Strong

edit: added one more thing for Urien’s

for twelve its cr. strong, when u mash on it at a good pace it looks like his meter is on auto fill

oh and the makoto crouching roundhouse is for when they r running away on the other side of the screen, like a half charged yun or a back fiercing chun.

dudley has standing strong or standing roundhouse, roundhouse charges fast like chun back and fierce.

alex = s.strong

Q = Standing Medium Kick

Oro: standing Roundhouse and ducking Forward.

I know that w/ Ibuki that if you time a meter build w/ standing mp right, the punch comes out faster. Just time your presses just as she starts to recoil the punch.

with makoto, i use low medium kick. when they back away, or you use it, they tend to back away to regroup, since it’s got such high priority, then just add a few extra low mk’s to build a bit.

Dudleys rose

bidness elboooooooooooooooooooow

when do you play at dtFL now?