BEST Mix up heavy Characters in FG history

Name your game, Pick your characters, but none shall ever topple the best of the best mix up heavy characters. I’m talking about shit the leaves your mind so fucked up you’ll never figure it out.
Storm(XM vs SF)
Orochi Chris(98,2k2)
Kevin (Garou)
Logan(Pre MVC2)
Nakoruru (CVS1)

Shoultzula’s bee pisses me off.

Eddie (GGXX)
Urien (3s)

Mixups so good, we call them unblockable.

Magneto in anything he’s in.


Bang Shishigami (FRKZ)

Only 2 I can think of now. Nobody in Blazblue has broken mixup, I can only think of Bang in FRKZ, and possibly Taokaka.

Arakune? Hell no, His Mixup is terrible, And barely average when cursed.

Ayane, Brad Wong, (DOA4)
Eddie (guilty gear)
Akuma, Ibuki, Viper, Makoto, Seth (SSF4)
Q-Bee has to be one of the most broken characters ever…

Im trying to think of characters with good okizeme in fighting games as I usually tend to main them


It’s like every time I think I find a character harder to block then eddie I go back to eddie and realize I just forgot how hard he was to block not even counting the next 3 unblockables that are coming.

MvC2 Magneto. Mixups so fast you just fucking guess while mashing pushblock and pray it works.

Akuma is done for not a problem, SSf4 has no real mix ups.
Lol Ivan ooze

Eddie, Q-Bee and Mvc2 magnus cannot be topped tbh

MVC2 Magneto.

I guess no one reads OP posts…

Ivan Ooze.

God damn that brings back memories

“Ivan Ooze - SS+ Upper God Tier”

What’s is other fighting games?



Avatar Fighter online using dive kick and meteor… meteor makes sure they cant move on wake up setting up the oki, divekick is a hardknock down and overhead pressuring them whilst they await to be hit by meteor…

Best oki in fighting game history

This list sucks. Where is Lord Raptor?

Ivan Ooze.

God damn that brings back memories

“Ivan Ooze - SS+ Upper God Tier”

FHD - Matlok, Karnov
Rage of the Dragons - Abubo

3rd Strike - Dudley

Rose throw taunt, chainable shorts and a fast overhead <3