Best (modded) System for Collecting 2D Fighters?


Hello folks. Total tech dunce newb here. I grew up playing 2D fighters and have recently gotten back into them after knocking the dust off my jittery old Neo Geo. This led to me collecting all PAL 2D fighters for my PS2. Now that that’s been achieved I’ve been looking into somehow running all Japanese PS2 fighters on my system (I live in Australia btw). This has led to discussions with somebody about first a modded PS2 with a hard drive containing the Japanese games, and then has since moved in the direction of a modded Xbox after he suggested it. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the whole modded Xbox scene and what games can be played through it.

Somebody also put me onto the Ouya today, which by the looks of things you can pretty much get any game you want for free if you’ve got the time and internet capabilities.

Basically what I want to do is get something that is all setup and ready to go, simple to operate, requires no internet or computer involvement, and includes as many 2D fighters as possible. I don’t want to get into setting up emulators and downloading all the games and all that stuff, myself. Just after something that’s ready to go.

What would you folks recommend?


Well a modded original Xbox with CoinOps should have a ton of fighters on it, and CoinOps is a nice front end. But the Xbox controllers kinda suck for fighters imo.

I mean, if you don’t want to deal with adding games and setting up emulators, you either gotta take what you can get or pay someone to do that for you.


Yeah this is exactly what I’m in discussions with somebody about building for me. I have the SF anniversary stick for my ps2, which also has a split connection for the Xbox, so I’m covered for the controller. This is most likely the road I’m gonna go down.

Thanks for your input, friend.