Best Montreal Arcade?

I’m in Montreal for this weekend, and I want to see an arcade. What’s the best arcade to go to I play blazblue, ssf4,and guilty gear. Interested in playing good players too.

There is an arcade on Rue St. Cathrines that has 4 SF4 machines in the back, a couple Tekken titles and at least one older SF game. I wish I could be more specific then that but I only went there once when I visited the town, and I found it by random luck while I was walking around lol. If you’re looking on a map, it’d be a few blocks left of Bell center. The people I played against there were decent enough.

Couple of mtl players are out of town for a tournament happening in toronto this weekend.
And also, most of mtl’s players aren’t going to the arcades anymore, we’ve got our local where we usually play.

So I guess if you show up at Amusement 2000 (that arcade on Ste-Catherine), there won’t be much players to play :\

If you stay longer than just the weekend, maybe you could consider passing by our local, MTLSF HQ.
Check the montreal thread or the website if you’d like some infos.
If your still in town tuesday, I’d recommend passing by.