Best Mortal Kombat game

It seems like a lot of people don’t like, or have lost faith in the series. I’m just wondering, for those who were ever into the series, and even if you’re not…what do you think the best MK game is?

The common answers will be UMK3 and MK2, and both have their perks even if MK2’s overwhelmingly a Millena/Jax-fest. It’s kinda like the SF2 ST vs HF debates.

I personally like MK2 because I never really got into the whole run button thing. Not saying I’m any good at MK2 tho.

oh here we go again.

MK2 baby!

Kitana was the character I played as. Nothing like those crazy ass fans.


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MK2 I believe UMK3 is broken but dont quote me on that lol. Never did play it, maybe like once or twice in the arcade and once at a friends house. I was waitin on MKT but this was b4 I had any real knowledge on fighters.

Do most of you prefer UMK3 to MKT?

I know MK4 sucks, but I think DA and Deception are great. Yeah, that’s an unpopular opinion, but I think they are both better than any 2D MK game. Especially Deception. Trilogy and Deception are the only MK games I’ve ever bought. My friend bought all of the SNES ones. I didn’t get Trilogy until after I got Deception.

MKT is glitchy as fuck

and the 3D ones all sucked ass

2 and umk3 ftw.

MKT is a glitchy cluster fuck, all the 3D versions suck, MK2 = a Mileena fest, but stull fun…


I’d have to say UMK3 due to the variety of characters and the run button

I still like the original the best.

MK2, def. Scorpion that shit.

The best MK will be NEXT GEN MK! Only because some recent changes have been made to fix MK. Watch, you will see. MK2 style will come back sooner than u think!!!


A.K.A Midway Combat Desginer =P

I mainly liked deception and da for the presentation and all. Espcially the graveyard shit where u buy new chars and all while Konquest mode was fun, better than Sub-Zero & special forces

I knew next gen MK was taking over, you telling me you guys gonna bring back oldschool style MK…I gotta see this!

Oh MK2 for the W! In order of best to worst for me goes, MK2, MK 1, UMK3, MKT. As far as Im concern theres no genuine MK game after that MK 4 and 5… :frowning:

UMK3 was most fun for me. Cyber smoke was beastin in that game.

UMK3 is the best MK. Its the only one that can support high level play. Almost everything about MK2 was broken. Everything did huge damage, a 2 char god tier, it was just sloppy.

MKT for PSX (greatest hits edition) came close, because it reproduced UMK3 style gameplay very well. But then they stuck in characters like Noob and Rain that are a new cheap god tier. Every move can lead to an easy infinite. It took a lot of the fun out of it. There were also earlier versions of MKT that were really buggy and broken that a lot of people played and hated and assumed all copies of MKT were like. The earlier versions of MKT had less gravity, everyone floated longer, every juggle could be bigger.

Plus a lot of people liked MKT for N64 which was broke as a joke. Almost every character can do ducking kick corner infs, they took out or changed a lot of the rules that had been put in place to balance the game (not to mention it was missing 7 or 8 characters compared to the PSX version). It was a real shame.

In the end UMK3 for the Arcade had the most useable characters and the most competitive play. So, its the best.

I’d say UMK3, even though I strongly dislike the heavy reliance on chain combos. I like MK2 as well, but it’s horribly unbalanced.

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MK2 Revision 2.1.

Simply for the Babality glitches and nothing more.

Mortal Kombat II was my favorite. I never got into Mortal Kombat all that much, but II was the title I had the most fun with. People will complain that everyone rocks Mileena and Jax in it, but I never played it at a high enough level where that even mattered.