Best move to punish a whiffed SRK



I was wondering what move you other Fei users use to punished whiffed SRK’s or Tigers cause they are really wide open after that…

Do you

  1. Go for the tried and true throw ?

  2. CW into Rekka

  3. Kick to flame kick / punch/Flame kick.

  4. Super if you have it ?

  5. Ultra if you have it.


I do HP xx flamekick (sometimes HP xx EX flamekick) or Ultra if available.

Maybe I’ll be able to do “HP xx flamekick FADC CW (or Ultra)” consistently enough to use it as punishment in the future… :wink:


hey i know you just joined, but use that search function.

there is a pretty lengthy thread about punnishment options here:

and we also have a fei long simple question and answer thread here:

thank you in advance


My apologies :frowning:


no problem. we dont want to look like the ryu or sagat forums:tup:


For some reason i suck at consistently throwing -_-

s.HP > Rekka