Best MP3 player that has straight drag and drop



I need an MP3 player that has a drag and drop setup. I have the Zune HD but I am sick and tired of having to find new songs I just added to a list of 1000’s to add them to the player.

Ipod touch is also not an option, tried it before, its also gay.

It needs to look good, have good screen quality, be touch screen, and most importantly have drag and drop.


Something by Creative might be up your alley.


Creative?.. They have quality and quality control issues… their MP3 players haven’t been good for years now…

Now they sell cheap bootleg looking shits… that and the firmware for those are absolute shit… I know from experience…

And when you say drag and drop, what do you mean?

Their last good one was discontinued a while ago too… think it was called vision M(quite bulky by today’s standards btw)


Can’t you just drag and drop (and synch) with an iPod? They’re getting cheaper all the time, too. Then of course Apple comes out with one that has a new color and 2GB more of storage and the prices soar for a bit.


Do you have to use the default software to add tracks to your device?

If that’s what you’re talking about, my favorite one to use is media monkey…

All you have to do is download the free version and use this video’s [media=youtube]uxqTfjRJ9XI"[/media] to unlock it(I paid like a dumbass but w/e)…

Great tool for organization, file conversion, and you can easily drag and drop shit from your library to MP3…

Unless this isn’t what you’re talking about… question is confusing…


cowon j3, look up their reviews


Sony X series Walkman has touch and drag + drop (no transfer software required). Kind of expensive, and has other crap (Youtube access, web browser) that doesn’t work well. And the playback isn’t gapless, which is why I skipped it. If you just want a standard music/video player that lets you drag files straight from your PC to the player, it’s what you want. The screen is OLED, and has great battery life and sound quality, like other Sony players.


^All sony products are on the low end of the sound spectrum… in other words, bass heavy…

If that’s your kind of thing, go for it…


Sony players have bass? That must be a different Sony than what I’m used to.


If you change the settings in itunes to manual syncing, adding tracks to your ipod becomes basically the same thing as drag and drop. I do it all the time.


I’m 100% certain that, by “straight drag and drop,” he means “acts, for all intents and purposes, like plugging in a USB key.”


You forgot Dr B.


Sansa products are straight drag and drop.


sansa fucking clip for life, the sound is ill as fuck.


I got one of these. Sony Walkman NWZ-E354BLK Series 8GB Video Mp3 Player (Black): Electronics

It’s simple, good battery life, durable, not too expensive, easy syncing (video, audio, and images).


^lol I have one…

Video is not that great, images neither… it just does what it is supposed to do very well… play music

The battery life on this thing is fucking absurd… it ranges around thirty something hours for me(they rate the battery at 50 hours)… regardless I go days without charging it

It also has a battery saving ability that prevents the battery from degenerating from 100 to 70 percent by only allowing to charge to 90…

Good firmware, has never froze on me once…

Bass heavy, but I like that shit… I don’t even need the EQ…

Not sure about that drag and drop though(?)


Dr. B has died. :tdown:


Did he get a venereal disease or something?


Yup, I got a Sansa Fuze just for the gym and it’s awesome… Sansa makes some pretty good MP3 players. They aren’t especially feature rich though.

  1. You can drag and drop with an iPod as well as a Zune. With an iPod as far as “finding a song you added to a list of 1000+ songs” goes, it’s called the search bar…

  2. Cowon makes the best MP3 players out there aside from HiFiman players which are like $600 and huge for an MP3 player.