Best MP3 player that's NOT an iPod


Just wondering… I’m looking for a new one, and I hate Apple… so yeah.


The Sansa Clip S is pretty good.


I’ve heard good things about Phillips, Creative Zen, or Zune.
Just depends on what you’re looking for really.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Clip.


I have it and I love it.


I hate Apple too.

But goddamn if the iPod isn’t a nice piece of hardware.

I hear nice things about the Zune, though.

Also, why isn’t Spiderman in your avatar?

As I see it.


Zune HD.

Better screen than I-Touch, and it physically looks the best of all MP3 players.

One thing…no external speaker.


The Clip… this? SanDisk Sansa Clip 1 GB MP3 Player (Black): Electronics

I couldn’t find “Clip S” - as it just asked me for other search terms or whatever.
This one has some good ratings, so I’ll look into it. I’d go Creative again, but I need a change… I’ve been using the Zen series (went through 3) since it’s launch a few years ago (2k4?). My current is a Zen V+ 2GB. The problem is that the buttons are going, and it’s also seen better days. I use it to BMX, so it’s had its share of falls.

Thanks for the info.

EDIT: Zune HD looks sexy.


I used to own a pretty nice Zune, actually. I will say this, from experience, iTunes software is less of a hassle than Zune in my eyes…that Clip S looks pretty nice though, real talk. Just hate having to buy enough storage to fit most of the music I have though.


I recommend this. They were on sale at Fry’s Electronics for $20 last year. Shit ain’t too fancy, but it’s easy to operate/navigate, has good battery life and I give it a 10/10 for doing what it’s supposed to do. I need to cop another one. Brother kept my original.




I hate apple with a passion, but every other MP3 player I’ve owned has been shite.


The Ipod is a really good piece of technology. I understand hate for overpriced apple computers, but you have to realize they have mp3 devices on lock.


I like the Zune’s UI a lot.

I haven’t found one yet, but the Philips GoGear Connect looks promising.
Bluetooth sync (or USB), GPS and FLAC support. Based on Android.
Philips GoGear Connect: first Android MP4 Player | Philips Pulse


How big of a MP3 player are you looking for?


Get an iPod touch. Put a “sucks” decal under the Apple logo. That way, you can have a great mp3 player AND make a statement.


An iPhone.


I haven’t heard them personally but the Cowon line is loved by the people over at Head-Fi. The S:Flo2 and Hifiman players are also regarded as good.


Even better.


I’m planning on getting one of these COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black): Electronics yeah they’re pricey but I’m not a big fan of ipods either and I had an earlier Cowon model mp3 player that was great till I landed on it skateboarding…