Best MP3 player that's NOT an iPod


Depends on what you’re looking for, as has been said. If you want media options etc. I’m guessing maybe a Zune. If you’re just looking for audio quality you should probably look at Cowon or some Sansa, some of Sony’s stuff, Creative etc.


if you trade any MP3 to the Futureshop customer service, you get 50$ off towards an ipod touch.

get a touch and get a new skin cover and jailbreak the shit out of it.


How about this:ARCHOS


there’s a no name brand made by Hip Street that has a built in digital camera, voice recorder, and it plays videos and mp3’s, and has a lot of other features
and they sell for like 40 bucks Canadian :stuck_out_tongue:


iPod is pretty attractive. I just don’t like iTunes (or any mandatory transfer software). I can’t speak for the OP, but I have nothing against Apple, despite having zero interest in iPods.


I don’t want to install shit. I have a 4GB SSD netbook… I also hate iTunes, so two points against installing software. I’m not a fan of (like Taito said) mandatory transfer software.


zune, its software is also much better than itunes imo.


I hate it too. My old iRiver S10’s battery is so weak now (“K. My hour is up Mr. Curry!”) that my iPhone is my only portable music choice short of dragging my laptop around or burning a ton of MP3 cds.

iTunes is shitty but damn is the iPod app even shittier. You’d think after four years it would at least have most of the same capability as the iTunes software but nope. It’s just so weak when the iPhone itself is capable of so much.

I miss drag and drop with three butt tons of features. Maybe only 5% of everyone who would purchase such a device would use everything it’s capable of but damn we’d be fucking ecstatic.


Stay away from RCA brand, I’ve gone through two different models from them and neither lasted half of a year.


Thanks Grog


If there is a more obtuse system of managing music than the Zune software, I have yet to find it. That software, god damn that software just gets on my nuts.

#32 Sony Walkman E-340 Series 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Black): MP3 Players & Accessories

this one is amazing. as far has space and price is concerned.I’ve had this one for about a year now and i have yet to have a problem with it.


I second every post that has mentioned Zune. It is what I have and I love it to death.



Hey anyone know anything about the Latte Espresso 16 gb touch screen MP3 player? Amazon is having a sale on MP3 players and it’s one of them and the features sound awesome, I was wondering if anyone had any expirence with them. Only thing I don’t like so far is the douchy hipster name. Latte Espresso 16 GB Video MP3 Player with Haptic G-Sensor and Touchscreen (Metal Gun): MP3 Players & Accessories


my vote’s for youtube.


Based on my personal experience i would have to say Creative Zen.

Good Sound quality

Good video quality


Voice recorder

Easy menu

Compact ( credit card size)

(HC)SD Card reader

Shit doesn’t break easily - mine survived all kinds of falls but died because i forgot to take out of my pocket when i washed my clothes.

Best of all is its price, it cheap as hell compared to the ones that have the same amount of features.


here here! zune pass is amazing!


dawg! I h8’d! fuuuckin hated ipod and everythin with it, like apps and shyt!
I had a sansa e280 and loved it!
it broke last week and my bro was kind enough to gimmie a 1st gen Ipod touch!
I FUUUCCKKKIIIIN <33333 lluuv luuv luuv it!
its sooooo ez to use and change album covers and what not!

apple is gay and they are ez to jailbreak! dude… its fuckin amazing! there worth the price and I dnt think any other Mp3 can touch what the Ipod can bring to the table!

Its God teir! like ur av but with sent… and If magneto where onslaught

and if storm was showing titties, hahaha


i have the new shuffle and i hate it. It’s a BITCH to get songs on (why the fuck can’t i just treat you like a usb stick?), batteries die way too soon it seems now (got it xmas), and the annoying bitch who says “battery low” and the song titles will die a horrible flaming lacerated dick impaled death. Every song starts with me being warned my batteries are low. Itunes tells me shit in GB. Great, I need to delete some songs to free up 0.1gb roughly. Thanks, that could be any number of songs, assholes, gimme MB.

At work (walmart fuck you) I picked up a 45 dollar mp3 player/digital camera/video player/voice recorder/other crazy shit i have yet to comprehend, made by some nobody company called Hip Street.

I am infinitely more impressed with this shit. It will likely break in like 2 months, but wow


zune is really good